Marzocchi Monster T 2008 Forks

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Product Description

  • Spring type: Dual Coil springs
  • Travel: 200 mm
  • Steer tube: Alloy FR
  • Drop-out type: 20 mm dedicated axle

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00-02 Monster T Axle Ideas?

Hello, all. I'm trying to find an axle for my '01 Monster T, and have exhausted almost all of my options. It now seems as if my last chance to get this fork working will be to have the axle machined. I'm looking for someone who has either a) done this or know someone who has done this before, b)h ... Read More »

'04 Monster T rebuild questions

I purchased an old Super 8 with a 2004 Monster T on it. There is zero dampening in the fork. I haven't had the chance to tear it down yet, but am searching out replacement parts...just in case. I have only come across one or two places that have old Zocchi parts, and most seem not to have the 40 ... Read More »

Can anyone help with 2002 Marzocchi Monster T?

Hi all. I inherited a 2002 Marzocchi Monster T fork with one of my bike purchases. The manual is still online for this fork, but it isn't a model of clarity and doesn't clearly state what adjusters the fork should have. Can anyone help me with this: There are two adjusters on the right fork leg ... Read More »

Anybody have old Monster T parts lying around?

I just picked up a Monster T as part of a used "budget bike". I'm wondering if anybody has parts lying around that I could have/buy to fix it up. To make this not totally spam, the problem is that the upper part of the stanchion tube is cracked, as if somebody tightened the top cap too hard. It ... Read More »

Monster T vs. Boxxer

So I currently run a very old Monster T ('99) up front, and I was wondering if it would be an upgrade to go to an '03-'05 boxxer. Obviously it's a newer fork but I'm mainly wondering if it's got a faster rebound or if it's just generally smoother.Read More »

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