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One of the best cycling films in decades is now available through World Cycling Productions. Danish filmmaker Tomas Gislason spent last year’s cycling season, including the Tour de France, capturing the joys and sorrows, the triumphs and the disappointments, the dogged pursuit of endurance and the emotional highs and lows of the team members and directeur sportif Bjarne Riis, whose impact on the sport continues significantly after his career as a top cyclist.

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Riding and Overcoming Weight Loss Plateaus

I am not quite a Clyde, I am 5'10 and ~185lb. I consider myself a pretty good, albeit not great rider. I ride a lot for fun but have started racing for fun as well. When racing,I regularly beat out guys who are 20-30 or more pounds than me, probably because I ride a lot and developed strong legs. ... Read More »

Overcoming the training wheel curse

My kid got a bike a while back with training wheels. I agree it screws up the learning curve. Finally today after trying everything I could think of and what I read here I compromised. I put one training wheel on. First I put the right one on but realized she is right handed so it did not have t ... Read More »

Overcoming a loss and regaining passion...

I need help, I used to love mountain biking and would go everyday with friends sometimes or on my own if not. Now I'm done, I'm pissed and haven't rode a trail in months. You see, I was riding my bike to school for two weeks instead of my truck, I just liked riding it more it made the morning routin ... Read More »

Overcoming a mental block

Has an obstacle, climb, drop or section of a trail ever beat you? No matter how many times you try it always gets the best of you? Eventually you just give up and bail on it every time? If so, how did you finally overcome it ? I've got one section that is kicking my ass this year and ... Read More »

Overcoming Mechanicals on the Trail.

Hey folks: Last Sunday a friend and I had a mini-epic ride at Sprain Ridge Park just north of Yonkers here in NY. We took the train out of Manhattan and rode about 2 miles to the trails. I only brought my Iphone with me, so the pictures aren't so great but the ride was fantastic. My buddy Dave ... Read More »

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