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This film showcases some of the newest rippers to the scene. Showing off their insane talents, from 40foot high window wall rides, huge 40 foot drops on a hard tail, sick tree riding, and the most crazy latter built stunts around.

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~5,000' descent Cloudcroft to Alamogordo

First time on it but it is awesome. Well, besides some JA's building tiny switchbacks with rocks on parts of it. Very quick edit I did, enjoy: Read More »

Fox 34 Float CTD Fit weird noise in descent

Hi All, I recently purchased a Yeti SB66c which came with the Fox 34 Float CTD Fit 26 trail adjust and it seems to be making a weird noise when it is in descent mode. It gets a lot louder and it is almost like a spring noise. My friend recently got a new bike also and had the same fork. His does no ... Read More »

Marin Headlands, Mellower descent Old Springs Trail or Marincello?

Been a while since I've hit the trails. But I'm interested in doing a headlands ride soon. Planning to ride from DC to Rodeo Beach, then miwok-Old Springs-Tennessee Valley Rd. Or Miwok-Bobcat-Marincello-TVR They both seem pretty tame. But I've got a choice, so which is a mellower trail to descen ... Read More »

Moore Creek Descent

Been wanting to do this ride for awhile. Brought a few friends. I told them it was all downhill. Shuttled. ;) I forgot to tell them about the 'creek' part... :thumbsup: Just kidding - they knew what they were getting into - sort of. They've been on mor ... Read More »

Backwards Descent at 50 MPH

I came across this video yesterday while online and thought I'd share it with all of you. If I were to try this, I'd most likely kill myself!! [url=http://www.bicyclemovies.com/backwards-descent-at-50-mph-balance-is-key/]Backwards Descent at 50 MPH (Balance is Key) | Bicycle Movies Online Store[ ... Read More »

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