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This mountain bike video is for all those mountain bikers who share that passion, and know what its like to push their personal limits. From World Cup racers to the local rippers launching roadgaps after school. Featuring Cedric Gracia, Anne-Caroline Chausson, Kirt Voreis, Dustin Adams, Aaron Kempf, John Kirkcaldie, Andrew Neethling, Shaums March, and more amazing talent.

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Late model 9spd XTR rapid rise derailleur

Will a long cage work on a 36t cassette cog? How about using with regular shifters? I had one of the 950 series years ago but can't remember if they run on regular shifters. Thinking yes. Thanks in advance.Read More »

Bar Rise - More or less for descending

Hi, Can someone explain the general rules regarding bar rise? I realize that a lot of it comes down to personal preference but there must be some general rules? I'm new to mountain biking and I'm still learning a lot of these things. I'm getting a Race Face Next bar, 760 mm wide. Not sure if I ... Read More »

Where to find carbon low rise bars less than 625mm wide?

It seems these kind of bars aren't being sold anymore. The shortest width I've found is 660mm, which is way to wide ([url=]Race Face Next SL Carbon Riser Bars | Chain Reaction Cycles[/url]). From that same l ... Read More »

Calculating stem rise impact

I'm trying to figure out how to calculate the impact that stem rise and length have on a handlebar position, and I'm wondering if any one can help me with ensure I have the right math. When a stem says it is 90mm, is that leg of a right angle triangle, rather than the hypotenuse? In other words, ... Read More »

Threshold HR and MHR rise

Quick question, after an XC race today I noticed that my Max heart rate and threshold rate had both risen 3bpm. I know that HR monitors can vary but I usually don't hit my max HR. Today was hot and had a lot of long, steep hills. Generally, I'd assume that raising the threshold HR is good. B ... Read More »

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