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Video Action Sports - Over The Bars DVD: The DH Productions stable of knuckleheads have been accused of being OTB for years and now here is the proof. The crew has dug deep into our archive, sifted through over a decades...

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Went over the bars at Alafia Classic 2014

[video=youtube_share;fyDP9Utu878][/video]Read More »

Help, Went over the bars hard today!!!

Does anyone use any grippy compound like tar? It was a extra muggy out and my hands slipped off the bars and I went tumbling downhill at my home traill I ride 3 times a week. How do I fix this? New Gloves? sugesstions? New Grips? rocking oury lock on's right now about a year old... Raise the bars ... Read More »

Help, Went over the bars hard today!!!

I went over on a downhill section Bending both the levers on my hope race m4's I quickly bent them back BY HAND This freightens the shit! out of me that they bend that easily. I supposed that this is better than them snapping but how reliable are they now? I am aware that hope makes replaceme ... Read More »

Epic Over The Bars

I'm the fool going OTB, and hitting the ground hard. It hurt:rockon: [url=]Brutal Mountain Bike Fail!! High Speed Crash! - YouTube[/url]Read More »

Left Hook Double Fake Out ---> Over the Bars Edition

Bike commuter Over The Bars situation: First time on the ground in 3500 bike commuter miles. 7:15 pm, dark, and about 300 feet from home. Truck is at the intersection as pictured, starts appearing to turn right along the purple dashed path, so I continue in a straight line. Then he turns back acro ... Read More »

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