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Incredible Canadian pro rider Ryan Leech's new video. His manifesto: "Eliminate all set-up and recovery hops from trials" The Manifesto: "Eliminate all set up and recovery hops from trials riding." In the ceaseless quest for more riding style, Ryan Leech unleashes "The Manifesto". A seemingly simple idea, though unheard of before now, the manifesto will redefine the sport for trials riders worldwide! Trials has always been about finesse, control, and precision, and now, the manifesto style brings effortless fluid elegance.

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SRX già peraltro manifesto nella

come si dice, che conferma l’enorme potenziale del pilota ufficiale Citroen PSRX già peraltro manifesto nella leadership del Campionato riconquistata in Belgio. La vittoria di Solberg e della Citroen DS3 può essere considerata come la più bella dell’Asso norvegese dall’inizio del Mondiale Rally Cros ... Read More »

The Pedalist Manifesto

The Pedalist Manifesto Join me my brothers in ending a tyranny most foul. The time has come to rise up and cast off our oppressors. The hour draws nigh. Yes, the time has come for... The Pedal Revolution! From this day forward, the word "clipless" shall be banned from the vocabulary of all mountai ... Read More »


I am Jon Micourt I do what I do because I am in a certain kind of love that is backed by passion determination and many other feelings I wake up to win I am the first of many inhabitants of the planet Ryce also known as GJ 667Cc this is a free world so I am doing this because of forces beyond my con ... Read More »

My Singlespeeders Manifesto

Stand up and power through it. On challenging climbs on the bike & in life. Manifestos are suppose to be wordy & complicated... kinda like bikes with too many working parts. Why I love singlespeeding so much!!!Read More »

Communist Manifesto-Revolution behind the Titanium Curtain

World economies on the brink of collapse, Obama turning the US into a socialist nightmare and the Zombie apocolypse is evident. :eek: Figured I better get a titanium hard tail 29er before the sh$t hits the fan. Checked out this forum for ideas and reviews and came across this Russian guy who make ... Read More »

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