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An upbeat and inspiational mountain bike video by "downhill dave" Flather. Over 30 of the best freeriders including: Darren Leary, Harley Wright, Dumptruck, Jeff Bryson, Chris Donahue. Good soundtrack and over 12 locations.

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What kind of jump for learning how ti whip?

Hi everybody :) I am planning to build a new jump for learning how to do some tricks like a table or whip... How should that jump look like?Should it have a landing,how big should the landing be?,how much of a gap between the jump and the landing,... Thanks for the help and hope to get some replies ... Read More »

Whay my chain jump a side from the COG ?

Hi I try today a new set up with new COG 19T and new 1/2x1/8 chain. In the first high slope I stand on the peddals and pull up the handlebar very strong and after few meter up. I had big "clank" and the peddal fall downand. I saw the chain out from the COG Sorry for my bad english Hope you can help ... Read More »

Dirt Jump bike for beginner

Hello everyone, Looking for a dirt jump bike. right now I am riding a 20" BMX bike and was looking at my friends 24" bike wi/ front suspension and a gyro. Would anyone be able to help me figure out how to make a dirt jump bike. Im 61" inches tall (five foot 1) and am decent at bunny hops and stuff ... Read More »

Time for a small ramp/jump/dropoff I think.

I'm getting bored watching my kids just ride down the sidewalk. :lol: I've laid out pieces of wood to ride over, and set up a couple pieces of wood into a 1" tall "ramp" of sorts to drive over. They like that kind of thing. I'm thinking something simple out of plywood and 2x4s with a straigh ... Read More »

need a bit of jump help

Ok recently joined cuz I have trouble with one thing since I have started biking last summer. I still can't do jumps. I don't know if it's just me getting intimidated or I'm doing something wrong. I get into attack position before the jump and all that jazz then I loosen up and I'm in the air well a ... Read More »

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