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Whilst I am fit, and reasonably adept, I am not brave. I am full of fear. This is not my usual territory, I am out of my depth. The words in Privateer Magazine are wrought from experience. And who hasn't experienced sensations just like these? If you're a mountain biker, you have. The love of dirt, adrenaline, new trails, and scenic views takes us to places we'd not normally go. And it's these places that reward us, challenge us, and sometimes scare the daylights out of us.More than any rag we've ever read, Privateer Magazine strives to bring you to these places. It's the fat-tired cousin of Rouleur Magazine. Every issue contains scintillating photography that covers all aspects of our wonderful sport. You can almost smell the rank odor of old tire sealant and feel the dust between your teeth. But images alone can't always convey the depth of the mountain bike experience. This is where the storytellers bridge the gap for us.From competition to pure recreation, old technology to new, Privateer doesn't discriminate. If it rolls in the dirt, you'll find it here. Privateer Magazine is available six times per year. Each issue is roughly 130-140 pages.

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Mount Magazine State Park/ Huckleberry Mtn Horse Trail?

Hello, I'm from PA and looking to go somewhere somewhat impractically far away for my vacation. Somehow AR got on my radar. Of the areas I've researched, Mount Magazine State Park seems to have some of the most dramatic scenery and views in AR (correct me if I'm wrong) and I was wondering if th ... Read More »

Bicycling magazine $4.99

Here is a decent deal for [I]Bicycling [/I] for $4.99/year (up to 4 years) that may be of interest: Use code [B]35400[/B] [URL=""]Bicycling Magazine |[/URL] By the way, I ... Read More »

BIKE magazine in Tahoe, come party with us

We’ve got BIKE magazine here in Tahoe working on a feature story and want everyone to be part of the action. This Saturday we’re holding a final volunteer day and reopening party on Corral Trail in South Lake Tahoe. It’s going to be a TAMBA / SBTS blow out so please join us, and I promise not ... Read More »

Good article on Chris Scott in the latest Bike Magazine

Reading the digital version of the July Bike Magazine they have a good article on Chris Scott and his passion for building what sounds like some sweet singletrak and the Shenandoah Mountain Touring Company. I didn't see a link on the website just yet but when they publish it online I'll post it.Read More »

Butte: Bike Magazine: July '14

Bike has a nice article on Butte this month.Read More »

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