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The biggest events, photo shoots, and races along with exclusive footage from the Atomlab Super Sessions. Shot in Hi-Definition and 16mm formats The Big Deal takes a fresh look at the sport of mountain biking and the athletes who push the limits.

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What's the Big Deal With Q

People are always talking about trying to keep the Q factor narrow like they were on some roadieracer bike. I have bikes with the Q all over the place and I don't really notice any difference switching back and forth. I had to run their widest 6 7/8" spindle on my FS Fat bike to get the Pr ... Read More »

disc brakes- what's the big deal?

i see many saying "disc brakes are essential..." etc, but i don't really get it. i have v-brakes on my old gary fisher and they stop me instantly, even when ripping downhill. is it a weight thing or what? can someone set me straight?Read More »

I don't see what the big deal is...

...with riding a SS rigid. Either 26" or 29'er. On my local trails (which I ride nearly every day), people do the, whole, "WHOA... SINGLESPEED!!! CRAZY!" I even had one group point and whisper to each other which I heard, "sssppppissss, sspisss, spisss... [I]singlespeed[/I]... spisssss, ssssp ... Read More »

What's the big deal about disc brakes?

I am new to disc brakes, but have ridden enough this season to compare vs v-brakes. I know discs have been around a LONG time, but I don't see the benefit. Let me elaborate; I have been riding xtr v-brakes forever. They have never let me down in 12+ years or xc hardtail riding. It's the singletra ... Read More »

What is the big deal with cranks?

Seriously, what makes a crankset justify spending $500-$700 on it? I see how quality materials, engineering, design, etc, can pay off in a fork, wheelset, or brakes, but a crank? Isn't it's job to be stiff and light and that's about it? I realize quality bearings can be somewhat expensive and c ... Read More »

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