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Counterparts the DVD is pure from the soul of DH Productions, and much like Aaron Chase himself, it is raw, gritty and in your face with the most progressive riding ever to be captured on digital video. Over two years in the making, COUNTERPARTS is Aaron’s follow up to the enormously popular Killing Time DVD.

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Lost in Translation: What 29'er tires don't work as well as their 26'er counterparts?

Based on your experiences, what well regarded 26'er tire designs just don't translate well into a 29'er version? The 29'er tire doesn't necessarily have to be bad, it's just that it isn't nearly as good as the 26'er design.Read More »

Confirmed 10spd chains more durable than their 9spd counterparts.

[URL="http://www.bikerumor.com/2013/02/19/bikerumor-shimano-chainwear-challenge-the-results/"]http://http://www.bikerumor.com/2013/02/19/bikerumor-shimano-chainwear-challenge-the-results/[/URL] I heard this from the get go, now bike rumor has confirmed it. Shimano claims the Dura Ace 11spd chain ... Read More »

Manitou Minute MRD & DT Swiss Carbon SSD vs their Fox counterparts

Could anyone tell me how the Manitou Minute MRD & DT Swiss Carbon SSD shocks compare to their Fox equivalents? I haven't really ridden any suspension extensively that wasn't Fox. I have always liked Fox (Who doesn't?) but how does it compare to the above? Better, worse, the same? I know I should go ... Read More »

name that tune (counterparts video)

Hey guys, I have this movie at home (counterparts) and there is this song stuck in my head and i can;t think of the name of it.:madman: can you guys help me out? it's kind of a punk/rap sort of song, and the only lyrics i have in my head are "....your dirty little heart...." i think, but i'm no ... Read More »

SRAM vs Shimano counterparts?

ok so SRAM has 3.0 SX-4 SX-5 X-7 X-9 X-0 What are it's counterparts in quality vs shimano Tourney Altus Acera Alivio Deore Deore LX Deore XT XTR ? And also whats the difference between SRAM and Shimano, it also seems like more bikes run shimano than SRAM. Microsoft v apple? Thanks for an ... Read More »

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