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Throwback Video: Marin's Repack downhill on CBS Evening Magazine in 1979

Although it’s a long way from Red Bull Rampage, mountain biking’s 1970’s network debut is still must-see TV.    Read More »

News: Mark Weir breaks pelvis and sacrum in freak accident

Mark Weir and four buddies tried to move a half-fallen tree out of the trail. As they tried to push it out of the way, a supporting branch crumbled and the tree came crashing down from twenty feet high. Mark tried to scramble out of the way but the tree smashed him and broke his pelvis and sacrum.   Read More »

SF Bike Expo 2013 - Show Highlights and Photos

A ton of photos and highlights from the 2013 edition of the SF Bike Expo featuring bikes from Soma, NTS Works, Bicycle Fabrication, Vanmoof, Stranger Bikes and more!   Read More »

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HDR Bike Magazine Review Story and Ride Report

Link to full story with lots of info: [url=http://www.bikemag.com/news/exclusive-ibis-launches-new-mojo-hdr/]Ibis Launches New Mojo HDR[/url] Some quotes and photos, Photo credits -Anthony Smith/Bikemag.com: [ATTACH=CONFIG]807091[/ATTACH] [B]RIDING THE MOJO HDR[/B] [I]I got my hands on an HDR ... Read More »

Burner review in BIKE magazine this month

Just received this month's issue of BIKE magazine. Pretty good review of the Burner. Both testers liked it but it wasn't the usual gushing Turner review. They liked the stability at speed and cornering from the lower BB but said it was missing a playfulness because of the longer chain stays. One als ... Read More »

New Velo Magazine has a great review of Jet 9 RDO

I tried to find a link to the article. They compared it to the Felt, Specialized, and a couple other bikes I can't remember. The review and comparison was very complex and complete. The Jet 9 RDO had a 100mm SID and they said the bike needs a 120mm to ride well. I agree! The RDO 9 came in secon ... Read More »

Charlemont Trail System in Outside Magazine

CTS got a little in love in the Destinations section of the June 2013 issue. :thumbsup:Read More »

Full Ripley Review from Bike Magazine

Here's a really nice and detailed Ripley review from Bike Magazine. Enjoy! [URL="http://www.ibiscycles.com/downloads/Bike_Mag_Ripley_Test.pdf"]http://www.ibiscycles.com/downloads/Bike_Mag_Ripley_Test.pdf[/URL] HRead More »

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