Silca 510 Older Wheelset

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Weight : 1950 grams

Product Description

  • 24 raggi inox neri da 2 mm
  • Altezza del cerchio: 26 mm
  • Mozzi Miche Team Magnum

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510 flat shoes

So i started off with BMX and using platform pedals for mountain biking, if i were to FR and ride at the pike parks all the time, would the pins in the pedals eat up the bottom of 510 shoes like they do vans and other forms of shoes? i don't want to buy $120+ shoes and see them get shredded and eate ... Read More »

510 reporting low heart rate

For the last 4 or 5 rides my Garmin 510 has started out with what i believe to be correct heart rates for the rides I've been on, at different times distances the heart rate monitor reads really low or even zero when I analyze my ride on Strava and Garmin-Connect. I replaced the battery in the strap ... Read More »

Garmin 510 vs. 800 vs. 810

My garmin 500 is starting to get flaky, and I am thinking about using that opportunity to update to a newer model. The 510 goes for $329, and you can spend another $70 and get the 810 which has the ability to download a map and get turn by turn directions. Both of those have bluetooth capability ... Read More »

Garmin Edge 510. Screen stuck on "RIDE"

I went to use my Garmin yesterday, put it on the bike and turned it on as usual. I couldn't get past the initial screen that says "RIDE". I tried restarting it, pressing start/stop several times, and I even reset it and wiped all the previous data but it still won't display anything more than the RI ... Read More »

garmin 510 app sync problems

Anyone else having problems syncing their garmin 510 to the Connect app over Bluetooth android? It says synced or it says ride uploaded but no new rides are showing up in the app or website!Read More »

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