AXO Crossing Older Shoes

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Product Description

  • Synthetic leather upper
  • Lace blocking system
  • Anti-slide genuine rubber sole

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Crossing Fenclines, How to?

Hello, I've recently bought a property, 83 acres. Great house, Not far from town and has a shed for my toys. The newest addition to which is an Ibis Mojo 160 with xt gear. Havent' had the time to get out and ride it yet with moving house and work and weather. Across the road is my mum's pla ... Read More »

Crossing the Salt River

I was looking for routes to cross the Salt River between the Beeline Hwy and Bush Hwy but don't see many options. Anybody have any ideas on crossing the Salt? I'm looking for something near Phon D Sutton, what's the river like around there?Read More »

Man Charged in Canada after Crossing River on Raft with Bicycle on Board

OK, probably not a fatbiker, but thought you'd like this one... [url=]Man charged in Canada after crossing river on raft with bicycle on board - City & Region - The Buffalo News[/url]Read More »

Water crossing tips

My favorite local trail have about 4 water crossing on it. Tow of them I can get through just fine, fairly level entry and exit. However the other two I always have an issue with. Both of them have a level entry and then a steep bank on the other side. I find that if I'm in the right gear to get ... Read More »





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