Neuvation Cycling S1 Older Saddles

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Weight : 255 grams

Product Description

Natural leather top for durability and breathing. Kevlar back helps prevent tears. Carbon-nylon base for durability and flexibility. Gel padding for comfort and cut out for your plumbing. Titanium alloy rails to reduce weight, 9 ounces 255 grams, length 10-1/2" (267 mm), width 5" (127 mm).

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feeling underwhelmed with fiveten shoes, S1 vs Mi6 rubber - anyone try both?

I bought my first pair of fivetens this year, the freeride elements team black shoes. After years of reading the hype and people saying its one of the best places to put some extra money into your riding, I have to say I'm not overwhelmed by them. I had been riding with my merrell hiking shoes befor ... Read More »

Cheap alternative for expensive SRAM S1 chainrings

Hi Guys, i have a technical question. I hope i can ask you guys. I am trying to replace the chainrings on my crank. A while a go i bought a Radon ZR race 8.0 (2012 model). I have a 3x10 XO crank with 44/33/22 teath chainrings (i don't know the exact model, but it says 3X10 and GXP on the spider and ... Read More »

MY L5-S1 Herniation

I thought I would share my story for others who my be having similar problems. Its kind of long winded but here it is. I've been recovering from a Herniated L5-S1 with annular tear. I've been dealing with back pain off and on for about 6 years. It was assumed to be a strained muscle after my firs ... Read More »

Microdiscectomy L5-S1 , surgery in my near future

Long term problem I have had with sciatica pain in the left leg, but only this past July did it really come and kick my ass. Ended up in an emergency room for pain relief, and the physician recommended an MRI when I got home (as I was in another state when it happened). I figured I would end up wi ... Read More »

l5 s1 disc long off bike?

1 week post micro discectomy. Was told I would likely be back on the mtb in october. Was wondering if anyone had this surgery...and what the recovery time was. I know I can hit the road any feedback is cool. Note...I'm following dr orders and will not be doing anything stupid ... Read More »

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