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Light & Motion Seca 1700 - 2013 Mtbr Lights Shootout

This used to be the Seca 400 and last year it grew up to be the Seca 1400 with 1400 Lumens. It was plenty bright but the price was too much at $700. This year, they increased the brightness and efficiency to put out 1700 Lumens in a beam pattern that puts the light where you need it. They dropped th ...    Read More »

Review: Light & Motion Seca 2000 Race

But the real story is still the beam pattern as much of the light is pointed to the ground and the sides. Very little of the light is wasted into empty space. So hats off to Light & Motion for reviving one the best designed light heads ever made in the bike market.   Read More »

Niterider Pro 3000 - 2012 Mtbr Lights Shootout

This light used to have 800 lumens. Then it was upgraded to 1200. This year it just catapults to a claimed 3000 lumens. What the heck happened? We knew this design had a little more in it but 3000??   Read More »

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Older lights, what are they?

I just picked these up for 10 bucks, so I dont really mind of they are sh!t, I just want to know if anyone can tell me what model they are. One of the lights doesnt work, but the bulbs are replaceable, right? ThanksRead More »

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