JetLites m6 Helmet and Bar Older Lights

4.83/5 (6 Reviews)
Weight : 455 grams (16 oz) MSRP : $155.95

Product Description

  • 15W Brilliant halogen lamp
  • 6V NiMH Canister battery pack
  • Intelligent 5 hr fast charger (typical)
  • Adjustable mounting bracket
  • Run time: 1hr 40mins
  • 15W Single beam is ideal for most off road riding conditions and commuting
  • Beam pattern 20ft x 150ft
  • Battery weight – 320 grams (11.2 oz.)
    Dim. 2.187" L 1.75" W 3.125" T
  • Light head – 65 grams (2.3 oz)
    Dim. 2.75" x 1.70" x 1.85"

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    User Reviews

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:4
    Submitted by TJ a Cross Country Rider from ann arbor USA

    Date Reviewed: October 6, 2004

    Strengths:    Lot's of Power!! Wide pattern & bright lite that really throws off the light

    Weaknesses:    strap for the battery. Like the other reviews said this is OK but not as good as you would expet from a light that works so well. My battery fell out of the bike tonight after 3 small dips on a 200 yard off road shortcut through the park.

    Bottom Line:   
    Great light!! I bought my lite to help me train for the upcoming iceman race in November. Due to my work schedule I leave for my bike ride @ 7:00 pm & darkness normally starts about 7:20pm with total blackness @ 8:00 pm. I ride on hilly gravel roads with no streetlights. This jet light works great!! Nice wide beam & intense light that shows everything. I opted for the handlebar mount & I love the quick release feature for mt biking.

    I tested the light in total darkness in the 15 acres of heavy oak/maple trees in my backyard tonight. WOW this light works well on the trail too. (not sure about the battery strap for real mt biking though)

    Sounds like jet has the lite on special for $125 I paid $135.00 due Scott the owner of tree fort bike shop in ypsilanti is new & really trying hard to stock high quality produts.

    BUY this lite & U will not be sorry

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    Favorite Trail:   Iceman Race @ the Vasa Trail

    Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

    Price Paid:    $135.00

    Purchased At:   tree fort bike shop in Ypsilanti

    Similar Products Used:   none

    Bike Setup:   xtr set-up mavic wheels hayes disc brakes

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Troy from San Francisco

    Date Reviewed: May 23, 2004

    Strengths:    Ease of mounting, weight (or lack thereof) of battery, light pattern

    Bottom Line:   
    Wouldn't even consider another light now that I've purchased these. I just started night riding with some friends a month ago and I'm hooked. After asking many people, I decided to call Jet Lites, and I wasn't disappointed. Jim spoke to me for quite a while about everything from battery design, light patterns, light colors, shadows, and things I would never have heard from any salesperson. To top it off, he actually talked me into a light less expensive than I originally thought I needed, so that was a convincing argument. Their follow up and shipping was outstanding, even in the middle of an office move.

    The light has a nice pattern, not too wide, not too narrow, and is more than bright enough for creating shadows and contrast. Mounting is amazingly easy, and simple to adjust while riding if needed. The battery pack straps nicely to the seatpost, and did not come loose or shift during some laps at a recent 24-hours race over wickedly rough singletrack. Their claims of runtime are conservative, as I got about 2:15 out of the light compared to the 1:40 they mentioned. Charging is superfast and easy. Buy Jet and you will NOT be dissapointed.

    One potential improvement - The charging systems could be better marked to differentiate from the 13 volt systems, but I easily fixed that with a little tape and a marker.

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    Favorite Trail:   Skeggs

    Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

    Price Paid:    $125.00

    Purchased At:   Jet Lites

    Similar Products Used:   Niterider classic dual

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Ron Cobb a Weekend Warrior from Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA

    Date Reviewed: March 5, 2004

    Strengths:    This was to be the year of my grand experiment, that being commuting to and from work (and the swimming pool) through the winter in the cold, dark, and wet Pacific Northwest. The 'wet' part was addressed with a breathable and vented jacket, rain pants, Burley shoe covers, and a good set of fenders. I knew I was in touble with the 'dark' part when I managed to run into a 2" diameter tree branch (blown down across the bike lane) while I was tearing down a hill at between 30-35 MPH. (I was riding the hoods and hit with such force that my handlebars rotated in the stem 45 degrees, and my front rim was cracked.) The Cateye HL-EL300 I was using just didn't let me see what was out there. So I went online to find a light that would allow me to ride with more confidence. The Jet Lite M6 has been a godsend. It is so bright that I coasted up behind another rider last night, and they told me they thought a motorcycle was behind them! I can now descend hills with much more confidence, which is important to me since my daily commute has over 1200' of climbing. Did I say light-weight too? Charging is fast and trouble-free. I can fully recharge the battery at work for my evening ride. Works great in the rain too. Didn't drive my car at all in February, except to take the cat to the vet and some construction debris to the landfill.

    Weaknesses:    Only thing I can think of is I would like the on-the-fly vertical tilt adjustment that is offered on some of the more expensive models. I will probably upgrade at some point, but the M6 was a great low-cost way to get a quality light for commuting.

    Bottom Line:   
    If your looking for a dependable light for commuting that is bright for a full 1:40, lightweight, waterproof, and with a fast dependable charger for the best price out there.....look no further.

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    Favorite Trail:   Daily Commute

    Duration Product Used:   3 months

    Price Paid:    $125.00

    Purchased At:   Direct from Jet Lites

    Similar Products Used:   Cat-Eye HL-EL300 5-LED headlite. (Not anywhere near the brightness that the M6 has.)

    Bike Setup:   Bridgestone RB1 with fenders and Lyotard platform pedals.

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Bruce from Silver Spring, MD

    Date Reviewed: December 30, 2003

    Strengths:    I've been using the Jet Lites for the last two months. It is by far the best commuting light for the money! A very good value, especially at the $125.00 sale price being offered by Jet Lites.
    - The 15watt light is much brighter than the comparably priced 10 or 12 watt products on the market. I ride at night up a very dark cycle path through woods, generally at about 17-20 mph, and this light does a terrific job of lighting the path ahead.
    - One of the few lights that delivers the promised burn time. My commute is 1hr-1:15 min depending upon conditions and route. There's always at least 15-30 minutes of burn time left.
    o Intelligent charger works well and I'm easily able to recharge the light during the day at work and have it at full strength for the ride home.
    o Handlebar mount is very secure...doesn't work loose from vibration during the ride like some others I've tried.
    o Battery is lightweight compared to others. I've had none of the mounting problems reported in one of the other reviews here.
    o Great service from Jim at Jet Lites. Before taking my order he asked me several questions about my lighting needs to make sure that this would be the right light for me. It was.

    Weaknesses:    None that I've found yet

    Bottom Line:   
    You can get handlebar mounted lights for under $100, but you won't get nearly as good a value, nor as good of a product, as you get with this light. I recommend it.

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    Favorite Trail:   Capital Crescent

    Duration Product Used:   3 months

    Price Paid:    $125.00

    Purchased At:   Direct from JetLites

    Similar Products Used:   A Cateye Halogen, Night Hawk Pro two light system.

    Bike Setup:   Miyata road bike.

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Eric from Burlington, VT USA

    Date Reviewed: October 4, 2003

    Strengths:    - Value: Cheapest light available with NIMH and a *good* charger
    - Lighter weight than competitors
    - Very adjustable and completely secure handlebar mount, better than competitors
    - Good light pattern for commuting -- strong center beam, but with some dispersion for "periperal" vision.
    - Rugged - mine has hit the asphalt and been scraped hard, no problem. I ride in the rain as well. The switch is easy to use, well sealed, and feels "solid". I've never had a hint of a problem with the light, not a flicker.
    - Bright as hell at 15 watts, some others in this price range are 10 or 12 watts.
    - Nice company to deal with, Jim responds to emails personally and is very helpful.
    - Can be purchased as handlebar or helmet mount, and converted later for $25 or so
    - Same build quality as their higher-end lights

    Weaknesses:    - The system for attaching the battery to the bike is just OK (this doesn't apply if you buy the helmet-mount version). It's finicky to take on and off. The rubber block isn't perfectly shaped for the provided battery, and the strap is a bit complicated. Because of my brake cable runs, the battery has to go on my seat tube rather than hanging down from the top tube (where it would do better) so I have to rotate it back into position ocassionally (never when riding, though). If you don't mind the weight, a larger water bottle battery (available for extra dollars) in your water bottle cage would be more convenient and secure. Not a huge knock, it works fine, just not as slick as the rest of the package.
    - No side illumination. I wouldn't mind a dot of light on either side to let the cars know I'm here (the Light and Motion Commuter has this, though it's otherwise inferior).
    - No rear light available (NiteRider offers this, but their chargers have a bad rep). Jim does sell a Y connector for the battery that you could rig up, but he doesn't support non-Jet lights attached to your system. My solution is the blindingly bright $15 Vista 5-LED flashing rear light, which goes 300 hours on a pair of AA alkalines.

    Remaining items are not weaknesses, just observations:
    - If you buy the handlebar-mount version and want to remove the battery from the bike to charge it, buy an extra battery-to-light cable when you buy the light. The charger uses this cable.
    - I ride in cold weather (last year it was 20-below farenheit for many of my commuting rides). The Jet is rated to only 4-below farenheit. I found that turning the light on inside the building while it is warm allowed it to burn bright for my entire ride, without damage to the light. I believe this is characteristic of all Halogen lights. HID lights go colder, but cost more.
    - If you need longer battery life (I don't), consider the I6, which is the same but with "intelligence" that allows choosing lower wattage output.

    Bottom Line:   
    This is a great light, I'm very happy with mine. I highly recommend it to other commuters on a budget. I noticed today that Jet has a $125 sale on this light, which makes it a real steal.

    I think it is almost unethical of other companies to sell unintelligent "trickle chargers" with NIMH batteries -- these take too long to charge, and shorten battery life when left plugged in (these batteries are expensive). I respect Jim for including a good charger right down to the bottom of the line.

    Overall, this light trims down features compared to Jet's high-end, but doesn't compromise quality.

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    Favorite Trail:   Daily commute

    Duration Product Used:   1 Year

    Price Paid:    $150.00

    Purchased At:

    Similar Products Used:   Lots of "regular" $25 headlights, including Halogen. You won't believe how much brighter and more effective this type of light is. I looked at every possible competing light, and talked to lots of people. The NiteRider TrailRat 2.0 and the Light and Motion Commuter were the main competitors, but the superior charger and mounting system of the Jet Lite convinced me.

    Bike Setup:   Full-on commuter mountain bike with mirror, kickstand, fenders, rack, baskets, and lights. My daily ride includes street traffic, twisty unlit bikepath through woods, and a few gravel sections.

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Bob from NJ

    Date Reviewed: January 14, 2003

    Strengths:    Quality product, strong light, easily pointed, great quality mounting hardware, intelligent charger, run time. Customer service at Jet with my questions.

    Weaknesses:    A little difficult to mount on my bike, but not a product fault......

    Bottom Line:   
    I bought this after starting with just a helmet light. I found myself doing more difficult riding than I expected, and faster, so I thought I'd be a good idea for more light in these more technical sections. In addition, I needed a backup, since my rides were going long, and didn't want to be stuck in the dark, with those animal eyes reflecting back at me in the forest...... The parts are made very well along with the mounting hardware, which can be easily adjusted. I could have gotten cheaper, but not better. Thanks Jim

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    Favorite Trail:   leave me alone

    Duration Product Used:   3 months

    Purchased At:   JB Mountain Bike

    Similar Products Used:   Jet Phantom Helmet

    Bike Setup:   Ells 2002 Id with all the goodies

    Reviews 1 - 6 (6 Reviews Total)

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