BLT Lights Beamer Older Lights

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Product Description

  • Uses 2 "C" cell batteries (not included)
  • Sealed Halogen 0.5 watt bulb for clean bright output
  • Quick release handlebar mount
  • Burn time of approx. 6 to 7 hours using alkaline batteries

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    Breezer Beamer

    Thank You Joe Breeze, Otis Guy and Jim Sully!!! It is amazing to me that these guys are so accessable and willing to help!!! Certainly not built to many of your standards, but I'm lovin the ride!! Some pics of the finished project.Read More »

    Breezer Beamer Resto/Modified

    Hello All, Newbie here. In process of restoring my Breezer Beamer. Originally purchased off of Ebay a couple years ago. I located a softride frame/beam and bought it for the beam. Breezer layed around for a couple years and I've finally made some headway. Here are the before pix.Read More »

    Breezer Beamer Info

    Hello, Nooby to bike resto here. I currently have a dis-assembled breezer beamer in need of frame repair and paint. I am looking for some referrals to reputable builders/shops that can handle this. The downtube has some large dings in it, and there is a previous repair that is less than ideal. ... Read More »

    Breezer Beamer site link

    The site I am linking is old news, but in case some haven't seen it... Here's a page dedicated to the Breezer Beamer put up the the bike's owner: [url][/url] [IMG][/IMG]Read More »

    Read More »




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