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GoPro HERO3 POV Camera

GoPro has been on a roll lately. They just released their long awaited Wi-Fi app for iOS, and now they announced a whole new line of the HERO cameras, dubbed the HERO3. The HERO3 comes in three incarnations, the top of the line Black Edition, the middle of the road Silver Editor and the entry ...    Read More »

MSC #3 Wildflower Rush, Fat Tire 40 and Crested Butte Bike Week

One of the best weekends of the summer is here! The weekend where racing, wildflowers, epic backcountry racing, mountain town parties and more all collide with MSC #3, Wildflower Rush, Fat Tire 40, and Crested Butte Bike Week. The race director and his crew have been in the Butte all week and say th ...    Read More »

GoPro HD HERO Review

  The longingly anticipated GoPro HD HERO was released early this year, and I have gotten around 6 months of testing experience with the camera. It brings a lot of unique features to the table, such as its waterproof and durable housing, and an incredible assortment of attachment accessori ...    Read More »

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Can you get replacement pads for older helmets?

I'm still wearing a 99 Giro Hammerhead on my grape. Luckily when I crash I'm good at missing my head. But the pads are starting to come apart and are flattened out. Do helmet companies or anyone else make replacement pads? I'm too cheap to pony up for a new helmet.Read More »

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