Grimeca System 9 Older Disc Brakes

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The standard lever and cable of the bike drive this full mechanical system which combines compact dimensions and lightweight. The two assembled pieces of the caliper allows the easy change of the pads, while the double adjustment allows an easy placement of the pads, as they wear, and the correct fitting of the caliper so to avoid any interference between the brake disc and the pads in rest-position.

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Ride-9 system question.

Hey guys, I have a 2014 Altitude 750 MSL and I changed the geometry today for the first time with the Ride-9 system. Seemed pretty straightforward. I unscrewed the bolt and re-arranged the squares to the slackest setting, and when I re-inspected the shock and its mount, I noticed it had moved forwa ... Read More »

40T on a 9 spd system. works great! :)

i post this on the all mountain forum awhile ago, if anyone wonder. a 40T/42T sprocket can work on a 9spd system.. just need a little work but it works great! have a look how i did it. [url=]Mountain biking : Onup component ... Read More »

Rocky Mountain Ride-9 System

I got to try it just a little bit last week. Concept sounds good as the head angle, bb height, seat angle and shock curves are changed. For those that have used it, does it work? What setting and how much of a difference does it make. Here's the microsite they created to make sense of it [url=htt ... Read More »

10 Speed Derailluer with 9 Speed System

Hey Guys, Hopefully this isn't beating a dead horse, I could'nt find any other threads. Has anyone tried or know if a 10 speed (rear) derailluer will work with a 9 speed system? I don't really need or want to completely upgrade to a 10 speed system, but I definetly want the benefits of a clutc ... Read More »

Can I use a RaceFace Turbine 10 spd middle ring on my 9 spd system?

availability of the 9 spd around here seems to suck. Can I use a Turbine 10 spd middle?Read More »

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