Grimeca System 5 Older Disc Brakes

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SYSTEM 5 allows to use the standard lever and cable of the bike, making the assembly process much easier and assuring the powerful of an hydraulic brake. Two side pistons of 18 mm diameter enhance the modulation and the braking power. The centering adjuster makes easy the fitting of the caliper on the brake disc so to avoid the interferences with the pads in rest-position.

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Juicy 7 Levers Work On Juicy 5 System?

I did a search and didn't come up with much on this. Figured its be discussed before though. I have a 09' Juicy 5 setup on my bike. I would like to swap out just the levers to the Juicy 7. I herd that the 5's and 7's are similar except the 7's are more adjustable. If possible, then all I should ... Read More »

Intense System 5..good/no good

I ride in the rooty, rocky & sometimes wet conditions of Central Vermont. Anybody have any experience with these tires? Nasbar is blowing them out for $13! They look fine but I'd like some facts. Thanks. If your ever in Vermont I'll give you a tour of the Mad River Valley's best single trac ... Read More »

Pushed Race System for Vanilla RC or DHX 5.0?

Looking for a new setup. Do I get a titanium spring and send my RC off to Pushed to get the works race system or get a new DHX? The refurb on my RC will end up costing 350.00 dollars. I could get the DHX for almost that. Granted the Ti spring will be a little more. I ride aggressive singletrack and ... Read More »

DOT 5.1 fluid with SRAM 9.0 or Grimeca System 8 disc brakes?

SRAM 9.0 disc brakes are the same as Grimeca System 8 The manual for the SRAM brakes says to use DOT 3 or 4 fluid only, but I noticed that someone in the mtbr product review section for the SRAM brakes recommended switching to DOT 5.1. Has anyone tried this? What change in performance resulted? W ... Read More »

Improvements to the Magura Louise System over the Past 5 years?

Hey all, I've been a Magura Cult member since 2000 When I first put a pair of used Magura Louise Disks on my hardtail. I since sold that bike, and my last bike came stock with hayes. Now the new bike I'm getting comes with Avid Ballbearing Disks, but I'm sonsidering switching back to the Louise. I ... Read More »

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