Grimeca System 4 Older Disc Brakes

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SYSTEM 4 light and powerful introduces a completely new concept in the disc brakes world, by integrating the master cylinder in the caliper. This single component allows to use the standard lever and cable of the bike and makes the assembly process much easier: "fighting" like an hydraulic brake, thanks also to the piston of 24 mm diameter.

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Knob modding an Intense System 4...

Reading about the Navegal and excavator mods performed around here, I recall reading about modding the system 4 tire. Has anybody done this? There are quite a handfull of knobs to trim...Read More »

Why does Kona continually rely on the 4 bar system?

[url][/url] Saw this video and thought it was interesting.Read More »

Intense EX DC Light/ Edge Light/ System 4 Light?

I'm looking for some new tires for my Bottle Rocket. Basically it gets used as an AM/ mini DH bike, and I'd like something that's got a decent combination of weight and toughness. The Intense DC Light tires caught my eye. A search didn't turn up much info though. Anyone have experience?Read More »

Ride report of Intense system 4 2.25 tire!!!!!!!!!

I picked up theses new intense system 2.25 tires from a friend set them up tubeless 28F,30R and let them fly. At first the weight of these tires had me unsure of wanting to use them, but when I got them on the trail ah sooke sooke!!!!!!!!! Man these bad boy are a mixture of a karma and a small tre ... Read More »

Review on Xtreme Recalls' new Gen 4 system

For those interested, I just posted a side by side comparison and review of the new Xtreme Recall 4th generation system... sweet! [url][/url] Hope this helps! CJSRead More »

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