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2013 Rocky Mountain Altitude MSL 650b Preview

Introduction Rocky Mountain Bicycles is no stranger to trying new things. In 2009, they resurrected the venerable Altitude line; the name gracing a 140mm travel dual suspension bike. In 2010 this morphed into a 29er version with 120mm of travel. In 2009, the Altitude was described as "XC Marathon ...    Read More »

Review: Rocky Mountain Slayer 70

Rocky Mountain’s goal for the latest iteration of their famed Slayer bike line was to create a world class All-Mountain/Enduro/DH adventure cycle machine.  Easy to pedal, light weight, and fantastic on the downhills.  Did they meet these goals? Pros: Pedals surprisingly well for the amoun ...    Read More »

Review: Fuji SLM 29 1.0

Introduction by Francis Cebedo: We wanted to do something a little special for our review of the Fuji SLM 29 bike so we asked four of our experienced 29er riders to evaluate this one.  Marco Soldano, Isaias Job, Rafael Rius and Chris Sota are four of the most enthusiastic pedalers in Norcal and h ...    Read More »

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can you put XT chainring on older M590 cranks

I gotta pair of Shimano FC-m590 cranks and the big ring is going to need replacing after a few more months. Was trying to find ring for fc-m590 but couldn't find any specifically for that model. Will a 4 hole from a XT just interchange with it. [url]http://www.yourprosolutions.com/shimano-x ... Read More »

need big ring for older cranks

been to several internets retailers, no luck finding a 44T, 5 bolt, 65mm center to center chainring. Anyone got one in their parts box? Setting up the old mtn bike as a hybird.Read More »

Older Saint cranks...

ok...i have some older saint cranks, that were being used on a bmx bike, a 68mm bb shell, 1 spacer on the drive side, 2 on the non-drive side... i want to use this on my new to me mountain bike...i got the cranks and bottom bracket out off the mountain bike, and it's using a 73mm bottom bracket ( ... Read More »

Older XT FC-M739 Cranks vs. Newer Regular Deore FC-M470

I have an older hard tail I use for mostly riding in the city, although I do ride it pretty hard. It has older XT M739 Crankset that is pretty worn out, the larger chainrings are getting harder to find. I have a practically new Hollowtech Deore FC-M470 Crankset I was thinking of putting on, I'm no ... Read More »

Shimano m530 cranks, older XT?

I was shopping for rings for my first generation hollowtech XT cranks when I saw these m530 cranks. Though badged Deore, they look to me to be the XTs that directly preceded the present external bottom bracket iteration. Can anyone back me up?Read More »

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