RockShox SID SL 2002 Front Shocks

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Weight : Weight: 2.80 lb. (1.26 kg)

Product Description

All Travel // Climb-It Control compression adjustment // Tunable positive and negative air springs // External rebound adjustment // Travel: 63/80 mm // Spring: Dual Air

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Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:3
Submitted by acctnut a Cross Country Rider from Redwood City

Date Reviewed: May 9, 2009

Strengths:    light, cheap to find used

Weaknesses:    flexy, can't get the PURE system to work

Bottom Line:   
I bought this off a guy at a swap meet, installed it and rode it once, then took it off the bike to change the oil and figure out why the PURE system doesn't work. At first I just did an oil change and bled the system, but still the lockout would not engage. Next I aquired replacement o-rings from auto part and hardware stores from all over the city and replaced. Still no lockout, screw it, I'm a pretty quiet sit down climber anyway.

On the trail this fork felt weird, especially on off camber turns. I rode off the trail many a time, which I never do. After a couple days I figured out that this fork wants to be pumped or musceled into turns. You need to use you're upper body and drive. This fork doesn't have power steering.

Do I like muscling into turn? Yes, when I'm feeling good. No, after 3 hours of riding.

Anyway this fork was only $70, I wouldn't be too happy if I paid $400+.

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Favorite Trail:   Bucks

Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Price Paid:    $70.00

Purchased At:   some dude at bike sw

Similar Products Used:   Judy SL

Bike Setup:   Jamis Exile steel HT with typical shimano mix.

Overall Rating:1
Value Rating:1
Submitted by David C a Cross Country Rider from Ottawa ,Ontario, Canada

Date Reviewed: November 25, 2003

Strengths:    Great ride , light , smooths all but the largest bumps

Weaknesses:    triple clamp to stear tube has worked lose they are now garbage

Bottom Line:   
I would not recomend buying any rockshox product in Canada do to the Wholesaler(Lambeart Sports,Montreal Quebec) not honouring the 2 year warrenty . They will replace them at the "retailers cost" $420 CAD + $40 inspection fee and $10 shipping on the warrentied part.

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Favorite Trail:   The Dark Side , Kanata

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $400.00

Purchased At:   KunstadSports Kanata .On.Ca

Bike Setup:   Trek Fuel 90 ,Hayes disc brakes , XT ,Answer ProTaperRiser Bars , RaceFace Turbine Cranks.
Trek 8900 with same setup with Marrochi superfly

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Michael a Weekend Warrior from Tracy, CA

Date Reviewed: October 14, 2003

Strengths:    Lite and lots of adjustability.
Reliable - no issues with over 1000 miles

Weaknesses:    Flex going fast over rough down hills if over 165lbs
Very little climb it adjustability if over 165lbs
This is a Followup review

Bottom Line:   
I have read other reviews complaining about no adjustability on the climb it control if you weigh over 165lbs, which is my case. I asked my LBS to call and find out if I could switch the 5wt in the pure delite chamber to a heavier wt like some of the other reviews suggested, and
RockSox did not recommended the 12wt concerning it might bend some of the valving shims. So I put 10wt in the pure delite chamber an what a difference it made. Its like having a totally different fork! It seams to be less bouncy and moves like a sping fork - smooth but firm. Now my climb it control has lots of adjustabliltiy. I setup the fork with 14mm( vs my old 11mm) of sag because of all the ajustability I now have. I now have super soft for down hill and when I turn the knob it gets super firm w/o bobby for climbing and flats; best of both worlds now. I could not do that in the past. I all ways had to have it firm, so down hills it was ok, but not what it is now. I I setup the negative chamber with 10psi less than the positive chamber and 1.5 turns out on rebound.

I still left the lower legs with the 5wt oil, only the pure delite chamber got the 10wt.

I down loaded the service manual from the web site, read it 4 times. I serviced the fork w/o any new o-rings and every thing went smoothly. I went to my local pet shop and purchased a feading suringe. Only difficulty is learning how to bleed the pure delite chamber since the instructions do not explain that very well, but one can figure it out via trial and error.

I recommend this change to anyone that weighs over 165lbs. Don't think twice like I did. It was well worth my time and effort.

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Favorite Trail:   Skaggs

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Purchased At:   Pleasanton Bicycles - came with bike

Similar Products Used:   Fox on a specialized Epic

Bike Setup:   NRS1

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Michael from Tracy, CA

Date Reviewed: October 5, 2003

Strengths:    Lite
Lots of adjustablility
Holds air!- I check air every 5 months and it never changes
Servicing is super easy - must read manual ~3x to understand

Weaknesses:    Flex when going down hill fast - my weight - 173lbs
Climb it control sensitivity only last 2-3 clicks

Bottom Line:   
Fork definitely has flex when going down rough hills fast and using disk brakes. If you are over 180lbs, I would not recommend this fork only due to the extreme flex you would experiance.
I have over 1000 miles w/o servicing or issues with the fork. Since the climb it control had very little sensitivity, I just serviced it myself this weekand and changed the Pure system 5wt oil to 10wt- all other chambers left at 5wt oil. What a big difference, the climb it control now has a lot of sensitivity - from super soft to super stiff! Never had that before! I also did not change any o-rings for my servicing and everything works great! Key is getting the air out of the Pure system; you definitely need a suring and leave the end cap off. The manual does not explain this very well.

For me the fork has been good, no issues, no leaks and very little maintenance. The fork is much much better now with the 10wt in the Pure chamber! Its like having a totally different fork! Its feels more like a spring fork now and more compliant. I also will make sure the foam/sponge gets oiled frequently; does help the fork move smoothly. When I serviced it, it was bone dry and the 3cc of oil to lube the tubes was also bone dry. I think it came dry from the factory because now that I serviced it, I can definitely see the oil coating the fork tubes when it comes out of the XXX top seal.

If you are over 165lbs I recommend changing from 5wt to 10wt in the pure system. RockShok does not recommend put I know of a lot of people doing it w/o issues. I think 15wt might be too much.

I wish it just had less flex, but for a lite fork i guess it is expected. If someone says wt doen't matter then they are full of it. A lite bike is always better for XC riding

I know that there are a lot of bad reviews for this fork, but it has been extreamly reliable w/o issues for over 1000 miles. Only issue is flex!

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Favorite Trail:   Skaggs

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Purchased At:   Pleasanton Bicycles

Bike Setup:   2002 NRS1 - 27lbs
178lb rider
1" rise Bars from LP.
Lizard skin on bottom rail
14mm front fork sag 1.5 turns out rebound
2mm Rear shock sag / 1 turns in Rebound
8mm shorter TiTec stem
35psi rear tire pressure, 33psi front tire pressure
Stan’s NoTubes Liquid Latex - Works great! No flats yet!
Quick adjust seat post clamp for steap down hills
Hutchinson front tire, IRC SERAC rear – Best combo! Tubeles
LP braid Jr bar ends
2 links taken out of chain – to minimize chair rub/slap/skip
2003 Selle Italia Pro Link Trans AM Saddle
Allian Carbon Seat Post

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Jeff a Cross Country Rider from London ON Canada

Date Reviewed: August 28, 2003

Strengths:    LIGHT, smoooth like butta, adjustable,

Weaknesses:    some flex in the steerer

Bottom Line:   
This fork is amazing. I sent it in for a rebuild at the beginning of the year (2003) and have only cleaned the top of the dust seals since. Not an ounce of tuning or fixing. I am 185Lbs and the fork does flex a bit when coming off a drop or over an obstacle - i can deal with that though. Climbs really well. Lockout is great for on road and climbing. If you are looking for a smooth, reliable and light fork this is the way to go.

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Favorite Trail:   Kains Rd

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $190.00

Purchased At:   LBS - Used

Similar Products Used:   Sid XC, Manitou 6C, Headshock

Bike Setup:   Trek 4500, 618 Ceramic, XT/XTR, Mich CompS Light

Overall Rating:1
Value Rating:1
Submitted by Ace a Weekend Warrior from Toronto, ON, Canada

Date Reviewed: August 27, 2003

Strengths:    Light weight. Okay on most cross country terrain.

Weaknesses:    Flexes when the going gets rough, especially when gravity is pulling. There are some well built forks and some bad ones. If you have a bad one, get ready to have it sent back to Rockshox. Need to have a back bike or fork if you don't want to miss out on riding time.

Bottom Line:   
This is a light-weight x-country fork and that's fine for my purposes since I'm just 130lbs. After a month, everything was okay. There was more flex than the Bomber on my old Stumpjumper M2. However, I was learning to live with it. But before long, the sucker lost all damping. The uppers went into the lower legs and wouldn't rebound back. It was sent back to Rockshox and after 3 weeks, I got it back and it seemed to work okay. That was last year.

This year, due to personal situation, I didn't ride much until this past month. So after a month, the same problem came back and the fork has been sent again. This time, it is just out of the one year warranty (I noticed they have extended their warranty to 2 years on 2003 forks). I am waiting to hear back from LBS whether they will fix it under warranty or I'll have to pay. If I have to pay, I'll just buy another fork instead. Not Rockshox, of course.

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Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Purchased At:   Came with bike

Similar Products Used:   Bomber

Bike Setup:   2002 Stumpjumper Pro stock except with Thomson post/stem and RaceFace riser bar.

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by robert davis a Cross Country Rider from garland

Date Reviewed: June 26, 2003

Strengths:    lightweight,soakes up smaller bumps, very responsive

Weaknesses:    flex

Bottom Line:   
the whole bike is extremely manuverable,fastand responsive.for xc the fork works very well.I downloaded service manuel.and it is to simple to overhaul.I love the bike and the forks.On hard turns the forks flex a little but a lotta lean helps that. Also ,no more face plants in front of my friends going over logs and other trail hazards especially the rock gardens.

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Favorite Trail:   rcp

Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Price Paid:    $200.00

Purchased At:   dorbaforumclassifieds

Similar Products Used:   manitou sxr

Bike Setup:   1999 lightspeed unicoi,spinergyspox,kookacrank,sramplasma,

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Darcy Brodeur from Mackinac Island, Michigan, USA

Date Reviewed: June 9, 2003

Strengths:    Adjustability, Weight

Weaknesses:    Too flexy, not as stiff as Rockshox said it was

Bottom Line:   
Pretty good fork. It is extremely light and climbs very well. It has too much flex for my confort. I love the lock-out for sprinting and on long climbs. I think it could use a blow-off valve, thought I snapped it in half when I forgot to turn off the lock-out. Overall good fork.

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Duration Product Used:   6 months

Price Paid:    $350.00

Purchased At:   Price Point Magazine

Similar Products Used:   Judy TT, Marzocchi EXR 100mm

Bike Setup:   Totally custom, full XTR

Overall Rating:1
Value Rating:1
Submitted by Will Bradford a Cross Country Rider from Denver, CO

Date Reviewed: April 30, 2003

Strengths:    Weight...That's about it.

Weaknesses:    Smooth like sandpaper, leaks a ton of oil, durable as an egg shell and rides horrible.

Bottom Line:   
I find it ironic that a company that's been in the fork business so long has yet to make a decent product. I knew this thing was going to be a nightmare from the start. I got this P.O.S. because it came with my frame. To keep this thing in any form that resembles riding condition you'll need to rebuild it every ride...No, you might need to take a rebuild kit with you on the trail. Don't forget to bring oil b/c everytime you adjust the air pressure you're going to loose a cupful. The action on this shock is nothing short of pathetic. It feels like the thing is filled with mud and lined with sandpaper. As for you trail choice if you're using this fork; stick to the pavement and don't do and 1" drops. I WILL NEVER RIDE A ROCK SHOX PRODUCT AGAIN...And I suggest you choose to do the same. If I could choose zero steamin' turds, I would.

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Favorite Trail:   Any in Winter Park

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Purchased At:   U Bikes, Boulder

Similar Products Used:   Fox, Marzocchi

Bike Setup:   Giant NRS 1

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by robert wooldridge a Cross Country Rider from temecula

Date Reviewed: April 23, 2003

Strengths:    this bike is a screamer, lite quick responce,rides like a hardtail,but with a shox in the rear.

Weaknesses:    had to send front shox back,leaked air. fixed now tharashing it to see if it will fail.

Bottom Line:   
this bike is lite,quick,and a mean hill climber. havent been over my limits yet,or i should say over its limits.byone and see what you been missing. Thanks mike.

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Favorite Trail:   daily ranch

Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Price Paid:    $25000.00

Purchased At:   sun bike milpitas

Similar Products Used:   hade a judy sl on my gt avalance LE.

Bike Setup:   all xt paid a little more than stock. carbenfiber bars monkey lit, corbenfibor stem, seat from nrs air,quick relice seat post. rocket 5 seat with titaneum rails.

Overall Rating:1
Value Rating:1
Submitted by robert wooldridge a Cross Country Rider from temecula

Date Reviewed: April 19, 2003

Strengths:    none yet just got fork back from rockshox. I have a new nrs1o2. shock faild one week into service.


Weaknesses:    same

Bottom Line:   
not good so far tell ya next week if it works.

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Favorite Trail:   daily ranch

Duration Product Used:   3 months

Bike Setup:   nrs1 o2

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by james a Cross Country Rider from toronto

Date Reviewed: April 13, 2003

Strengths:    light and ajustable

Weaknesses:    nothing i can think of as yet

Bottom Line:   
great fork! I am 200lbs and people told me to get a fox because i was to heavy for the SID. I have excellent feel and response from the SID. i didn't feel that much flex like people talk about, i guess it is how you ride. If you are a smooth rider you will love it, if you ride hard and can't read the trail get the DUKE. The best fork ever thanks Rock Shox !

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Duration Product Used:   3 months

Price Paid:    $425.00

Purchased At:   ebay

Similar Products Used:   sid xc sid 100

Bike Setup:   klein mantra race

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by EyeDoc a Cross Country Rider from Nashville, TN USA

Date Reviewed: April 6, 2003

Strengths:    Light weight; simple adjustments; holds air well

Weaknesses:    It would be nice if you could adjust it to 100mm of travel, but hey, it is an xc race fork after all.

Bottom Line:   
I agree with an earlier reviewer that I have read a lot of bad reviews, but I simply haven't had any problems with these forks. I had a 2000 model on my Sugar that I rode for a couple of years, and I have a 2002 model on my Merlin that I have ridden for over a year. Once I had the rebound adjusted to my liking, the forks were set. I never touched them, except to add air (once or twice a month). I let the LBS service the shock once a year ($25), and that's it. This fork is so easy to tune, I honestly don't see how anyone could have a problem. If you're the type of rider who likes to adjust your fork differently for every trail that you ride, you might want to consider the Psylo Race with the U-Turn. For a pure XC racer, the SID SL is a great shock.-THE BOTTOM LINE

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Duration Product Used:   2 Years

Price Paid:    $550.00

Similar Products Used:   Mannitou Mars Elite, Judy SL

Bike Setup:   Merlin Echo w/ full XT
Sugar 1 with stock set up

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Tapeng a Weekend Warrior from San Jose

Date Reviewed: February 16, 2003

Strengths:    Weight. efficiently does what it suppose to do

Weaknesses:    None

Bottom Line:   
Put couple of hunderd miles on my 2002 sid sl in about a year, it provide excellent shock abortion over all kind of trail condition I rode. Tune it right and it give me the control by smoothing the path.

Replaced fork:
Right after I switch to FS bike(old fork carry over), the smoothed rear revealed how bad the front shock is. I don't call that bumpy, shocking feeling "RIGID" cause the fork simply perform like a heavy stick and yes I'm talking about STICTION. It has absolutly nothing but stiction. Replace with different weight oil and make all kind of adjust, a stick is still a stick. The stick on my single speed perform better than it simply because it's light but not the 3.8 lb STICK. It's a crap.

Sid SL:
The sid sl allow my tire hug ground sitcker and make tracking better and go faster. I put in about 90 - 100 psi and never need to refill unless I want to change.
I forgot to unlock after climb and went down on rough few times. It always make me to stop to correct it because of the rigid shocking. No problem. Lockout still works perfectly. No air or oil leaking at all, bushing is dead tight and everything just work great after a whole year of abuse. Performance does go down a bit when foam ring start to dried up and more and more dirt get trapped in the dust seal.
Tuning compression and rebound are critical to get peak performance. These dials are not deaf's ear. They will
respond as they dialed precisely and it's your responsibility to find out the sweet spot setting. But once that set you can forget it and just fly on trail.

I took it apart(every 4 ~ 5 month) to do my part of work and after that it just came back as new.
Replaced the damping oil with 15 weight which is better than 5 weight in my ride condition.
Everytime I fully disassemble the fork(no special tools needed), thorough clean it and use suggested oil in all the places. I know I did this better than a paid job since it's my fork. I never tried to pry out the seal to avoid damaging anything. After all it's a easy task and no special tool required.

Of course the old crap was dumped on the net for others enjoy the RIGID and is looking for others dump their noodle or may be I just get a TEAM.

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Favorite Trail:   El cortez de madero

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Similar Products Used:   Z2, Z4 atom air, some manitous

Bike Setup:   sub 23 lb Truth

Overall Rating:2
Value Rating:2
Submitted by Ziggy Stardust a Cross Country Rider from outer space

Date Reviewed: January 31, 2003

Bottom Line:   
This is a followup review on my 2002 Sid SL - At this point I have a year of riding on the fork and my conclusions are as follows:

1. The fork is very flexy for someone anywhere near my weight (185lbs or 85kg). If you ride reasonably rugged terrain with rocks and roots and gulches etc (and who doesnt?), then you will be sorely disappointed in your "directional stability" might even be hurt by it (as I was in a few crashes).

What I have realized is that the elite MB racers are pretty small in stature and weight. They are typically 5'-4" to 5'-9" (with some exceptions), and are obviously lean, lithe and not musclebound (or fat bound of course). It seems nature has picked this body type as the most efficient for MB racing (as tall thin people excel in running and as shorter stocky people excel in weight lifting). Also, many of the tracks they race on are "fast" tracks that are relatively smooth, hardpacked and without really rugged sections. In all out competition a competitor is willing to sacrifice some comfort and capabilities in order to keep the weight down, almost at all costs. For human powered vehicles, power is at an absolute premium, and THE way to do the most with what little power there is available, is to minimize weight whenever and wherever possible.

The SID SL type of forks are built to accommodate these needs; for the lightweight riders (150 lbs and under), for relatively smooth tracks, and for those willing to ride with a barely acceptable threshold of flexibility in their fork. In return the Sid SL provides low weight, and good tuning capabilities.

2. The Pure Damper hasn't blown out on me, but I never achieved any real amount of adjustability. I had to adjust the damper up right until lockout to get it to provide sufficient damping for my weight (and Im a pretty tame rider). According to the manual and other sources, it needs to be bled and probably the 5 weight oil in it should be replaced with a heavier oil to get the adjustability required for my weight. The lockout still does work though, and it hasnt leaked on me. After I bleed/service it Ill remark on the results later.

3. The air system seems to be working great. I haven't experienced any leakage or blowouts as a result of the air shock. It provides excellent adjustability and really seems to hold up well. I haven't even lubricated the air leg, which apparently helps to ensure a better seal between the negative and positive chambers. Overall very pleased (and relieved) that the air spring system has worked as well as it has.

4. I had problems with the disk brake mount. My Hope mini would not mount squarely on the disk tab because the surface was not milled perpendicular with respect to the axle. I had to use a file to remove lumped up paint and shave some of the metal down in order to get the caliper to mount properly (so that it wouldnt rub). Rockshox/SRAM should ensure that they have this surface premilled/faced so that the owner doesn't have to deal with this. especially at this price level! (poor QC) Also, the SID flexes alarmingly when a rider of my weight uses powerful disk brakes on it....were talking substantial fork "wag".

5. Lastly, getting replacement parts for the fork has proven a monumental hassle, at least from Supergo (who have a horrible customer service reputation). I tried to get a rebuild kit, seal kit and the right "RedRum" lubricant (which is actually Torco engine assembly lube with a rockshox label on it). Supergo hemmed and hawed and resisted acquiring the stuff for me, but I insisted and put up with delay after delay until they finally relented and provided me with everything I asked for. They jammed me though, to the tune of $100 for what amounted to a half pint of redrum, a few baggies of O-rings, and some XXX fork seals and bushings (which are nothing more than a few slivers of tubular aluminum tape). There must have been about a 500%-1000% markup on this stuff, but I knew I would be needing it (and in another year or so it won't be available at all) so I just took it. But consider this factor when and if you buy your fork, and insist on getting a complete rebuild kit with the fork (at a reasonable price) BEFORE you pay them for the fork itself. If they refuse, get it elsewhere!

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Favorite Trail:   the happy one

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $450.00

Purchased At:   Supergo (good prices-HORRIBLE cust service)

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