Cannondale Headshok MOTO 120 Front Shock

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MSRP : $800.00

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Cannondale Headshok MOTO 120

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Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Jas Walker a Downhiller from Swindon, UK

Date Reviewed: March 11, 2005

Strengths:    Tough as nails. Poor forks had a tough life. Three years of serious downhill and nose manuals. Snapped off just below the bottom brace after a 40 mph downhill run. Quite plush but old technology compared to marzocchi super T (2003). Probably one of the best looking forks over the past 10 years.

Weaknesses:    Heavy forks, took a while to perfect the noble art of the wheelie.

Bottom Line:   
I own various types of two wheeled toys. Both human and engine powered. Yes motorcycles are very quick (I ride a Yamaha YZFR1 and Kawasaki ZX7RR) but they do not give me the same thrill as jumping off a flight of steps or hitting over 40mph on a downhill run. I would not have experienced this had I not decided to buy a Cannondale SV downhill spec bike. Love the sport, love the thrill. If you ever decide to buy a top quality mountain bike then look no further than your local Cannondale dealer. They may be expensive but if you break a frame within five years then they are likely to replace it with the new model. Moto 120 forks took a lot of abuse, would definately buy them again if Cannondale still made them.

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Favorite Trail:   Forest of Dean, UK

Duration Product Used:   More than 3 years

Price Paid:    $700.00

Purchased At:   Noah's ark

Similar Products Used:   Rockshox Judy DHO (Snapped)
RST Mozo Pro (4.5' with speed springs, still on my old hardtail)
RST High five (Crap)
Marzocchi Super T 2003 (Super plush and maintenance free)

Bike Setup:   More freeride than downhill. Snapped moto 120 forks, Cannondale had none in stock. Had to buy new front end including disc brake and hub. Replaced with Marzocchi super T's, hope bigun front hub and Hope M4 disc brake. Snapped SV600 frame three months later. Sent frame to cannondale and they replaced it with a brand new Jekyll (brushed aluminium). My bike now consists of Mavic 521 ceramic rims, hope bigun hubs, M4 disc brakes (front and rear). I also have middleburn crank, chainring and roox chain guides.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Rodrigo ''cuasi'' Casasempere a Downhiller from Santiago, RM, Chile

Date Reviewed: June 3, 2002

Strengths:    no stinctions , very smooth, it's really amazing, up side down fork makes it better for dh and also it's a great fork for freeride, i have jumped cliffs and it has worked really good

Weaknesses:    the only problem is that the caliper must go at the right side, not like the usual ones that go at the left side

Bottom Line:   
, if you look for good jumps, no stinction problems, and good travel for freeride on hills and street you must buy this fork, it's really great, and the other thing that's really good that you can have a rebound control.


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Favorite Trail:   el molino ( on stgo )

Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Price Paid:    $200.00

Purchased At:   a friend

Similar Products Used:   forkwar 100mm

Bike Setup:   HARO EX2 '2001' full deore, rear disc brake tektro, front disc hayes, amoeba handlebar, vp dh pedals, rst 22-a shock, and of course the amazing headshox moto 120

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:5
Submitted by vincent massi a Downhiller from meadow vista, CA

Date Reviewed: October 17, 2000

Strengths:    MADE BY CANNONDALE! absolutely no stiction, smoother than marzocci's. stiff, good looking, adjustments up the yin yang, couldn't find a better made hub in the world.

Weaknesses:    no stupid adapter for that very weak stopping sachs disc brake. I can't stand the fact that there is no adapter for these forks. sometimes cannondale screws you like that. but if you want the best made products in the world, you better be able to put up with it.they desperatly need at least one more inch of travel.

Bottom Line:   
no other fork comes close as to how innovative these forks are or on anything Cannondale designs. no other fork comes even close to how buttery smooth these forks are. and any body that says they are full of stiction is a retard. there should be no stiction, if you idiots had any idea on how to work on a bike. you guys are probably the kind of rejects that scratch their head when attempting to adjust your seat! they are super stiff; and super plush. and if it takes you two hours to lube and do all of that fancy stuff in there, then you truley are can adjust shims, air , oil rebound, and compression. what more could you ask for in a fork accept one or two more inches of travel. it makes dream about what the Cannondale factory MOTO'S fell like!

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Favorite Trail:   any double daimond at northstar

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $350.00

Purchased At:   a friends house

Similar Products Used:   white brothers DH3, sweet fork, lefty, just as sweet.

Bike Setup:   C-Dale SV, moto 120, 321 rims, hayes 8", pro taper, R-face

Overall Rating:2
Value Rating:2
Submitted by Raimundo Valenzuela a Weekend Warrior from santiago, Chile

Date Reviewed: April 22, 2000

Strengths:    turning radio, looks (better than performance)

Weaknesses:    stiction (a lot of it), only 100 mm. of travel (we took out the negative spring and we get 25 mm. more), not very rigid

Bottom Line:   
this fork was ok 4 years ago. the air spring didn´t bring smooth travel and had a LOT of stiction. I´m very glad with my boxxer now

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Favorite Trail:   "cerritos" de santiago

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Similar Products Used:   Boxxer, hanebrink, lawill leader, manitous, rst sigma, moto freeride

Bike Setup:   cannondale sv + hope pro disc + Boxxer

Overall Rating:1
Value Rating:1
Submitted by hummer a Weekend Warrior from Texarkana

Date Reviewed: April 19, 2000

Strengths:    Looks cool

Weaknesses:    hard to service

Bottom Line:   
This fork bites. It only has 3.5" of travel, requires special tools just to service, and is very stiction prone. Rockshox perform far better, can be serviced with no special tools, and are a better value. The guy below me is wrong, the only special tools you need for a Rock Shox is when you replace the bushings. I've never heard of anyone doing it themselves so it is a mute point. The freaking Moto 120 forces you to buy all these dealer tools just to tune it. That is rediculous! This fork is no longer a viable choice, there are plenty of other better forks out there.

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Duration Product Used:   Tested or demo'ed only

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Michael a Weekend Warrior from Amsterdam

Date Reviewed: March 2, 2000

Strengths:    Cannondale Moto 120; looks cool on every bike,stiffest fork ever(i know i'm 115 kilo and still he's the stiffest one ever ridden),great way of perfect adjustment and trimming in your way of damping,this is possible by pumping the fork or to take an other oil to speed or slow the innerforkbearings,if you want to get a fork who needs a lot of time to take you to the top of damping this is the one, there are easier forks but if you find out the perfect way of adjustment in any circumstance this is the perfect considering a lot of people thinks that the Rock Shox Sid or the double bridge Sid are easier to trim/adjust, no way any forks for competition had to be trimmed for every trail or race again because the matter of trail and circumstance aren't every time the same,several parts need to be adjust for example the tyres softer or harder pumped for rocky or muddy and slippy trail,choice of your tyres is one of the most important things on your bike. Second every one who likes to change this every time,for hobbie or race, buy this one.Third this was and is STILL a EXCELLENT fork,other than the other below said becaus his age or travellenght,screw you,this fork is still in use by the CANNONDALE TEAM RIDERS and for 2000 is this fork still wanted by them,because this is a great fork with a great way to adjust and he will no flex what the SID's just still do(Rock Shox,you can better than this)!
For Scott and George Ryan; IT IS AN OLDER FORK BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN HE LESS THAN OTHER FORKS,FAR AWAY FROM THAT HE IS STILL BETTER THAN THE MODERN FORKS.And yes you will need specific tools but for any fork Rock Shox or Manitou you need them also!!!

Weaknesses:    The high price and the anodized forklegs aren't strong enough (will scratch easily when you want to tie up your brakecables).

Bottom Line:   
Still one of the greatest forks on the market, even he is almost replaced by the singleforked LEFTY.And as a weekend warrior what do you want more than a good and excellent working fork which had enough travel 12 cm, who needs 18 cm, only pro's will need that, just like the travel for the rear shocks, 18 cm is way to much for amateurs like me or others who like to bike in pleasure and peace.

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Favorite Trail:   anything what kick speed

Duration Product Used:   6 months

Similar Products Used:   Rock Shox Boxxer Pro cost in the Netherlands 1500 us $dollar
Bullet ZZyx, difficult to get here even spareparts for this one.


Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:2
Submitted by George Ryan a Please Select from NY

Date Reviewed: January 27, 2000

Strengths:    Smooth travel.
Very adjustable.

Weaknesses:    Stiff travel.
Not enough travel for hardcore DH racing
only the CODA hub fits

Bottom Line:   
It was a good fork 4 years ago, but it review it just cut the mustard anymore for extreme DH riding and racing. It is good for trail riding and what not . It is very adjustable.

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Favorite Trail:   plattekill DH (NY)

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Similar Products Used:   Rock Shox Boxxer(98 & 99)
Headshok Moto FR
Bullet ZZYZX

Bike Setup:   SoBe Headshok DH bike

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Ryan Parks a Downhiller from California

Date Reviewed: January 18, 2000

Strengths:    The fork has lots of adjustability, and has very smooth travel. Ive never bottomed it out metal to metal. Damping actually works in a couple of clicks unlike some other forks. Very sturdy. Minimal stiction if you constantly grease them up.

Weaknesses:    In cornering, it dives a little. Cannondale parts don't come cheap! A little more travel would be nice.

Bottom Line:   
Ive been out on the fork a couple of times and so far I love it. It was smooth and plush and extremely stiff and never bottomed it out on big drop offs. There was no fork flex at all. Very good damping with many settings. I can change the fork stiffness for any riding condition I want just by adding air to them. It would be nice if there was some more travel, but you cant always have what you want. I would recommend this fork if you like downhilling for your enjoyment,but not if you are a hardcore racer.

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Favorite Trail:   anything that goes DOWN!

Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Similar Products Used:   x-vert

Bike Setup:   specialized FSR. I know its not a downhill machine, but i cant afford the top of the line downhill set-up bikes.

Overall Rating:4
Submitted by Marcus Ahlberg a Downhiller from HUDDINGE

Date Reviewed: September 6, 1999

Strong, Easy to adjust compression.

That it takes 2h to adjust rebound, cause of the chims in the cartrige.

Bottom Line:   
It's a VERY good fork if you have the patience to adjust it.

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Favorite Trail:   
Kungsberget, Sandviken

Duration Product Used:   
6 months

Similar Products Used:   
Marzocchi JrT 98, Marzocchi MonsterT (THE BEST), Mr DIRT.

Bike Setup:   
Cannondale SV 4000 Active.

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by rob a Downhiller from Wiltshire

Date Reviewed: April 7, 1999

Real plush, smooth travel all o the way, real rigid, and so easily to adjust them as much as u want...just pump em up!!
Also looks so damn funky on any bike,

Had some oil leaks but nothing much

Bottom Line:   
A cool fork which functions great and looks the buiso...Kicks alot of other forks butts, but r quite pricey and mine had a bit of a leak

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Duration Product Used:   
3 months

Similar Products Used:   
X-vert R

Bike Setup:   
On my c'dale super V

Overall Rating:1
Submitted by Scott a racer from Alaska

Date Reviewed: March 1, 1999

Bottom Line:   

I seriously looked at this fork last year when I was debating about buying a Cannondale Super V. This fork was one of the reasons I didn't purchase the bike. First off it is an older fork that doen't have as much travel when compared to the new models by Rock Shox, Manitou, etc. Second take a look at the manual to get an idea of how difficult this fork is to service and all the special tools required. Sure it's got lots of adjustability but no user friendliness. Third this fork really isn't a good buy. Basically it was cool back in '96 but now there are plenty of other better performing forks out there that cost less, perform better, and allow the average guy to service them. Look into it before you buy! You won't be sorry for doing a little research.

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Henry Jenkins a downhiller from LAKE LICKATITTY ,NY

Date Reviewed: February 11, 1999

Bottom Line:   

I liked the moto fork imensely and used it on several races. The fork had no stiction and great dampning. the only problem I had was when I raced at mt snow vermont and blew a seal causing the fork to dive and slaming my purple headed
warrior into the stem rendering me Impotant! other than that its a great fork
who needs a sex life when you have MT bikng anyway cannondale gets 2 and a half
thumbs up ....!

Reviews 1 - 12 (12 Reviews Total)

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Moto Headshok 120

Can anyone please help? I have a Super V 4000, still original spec (Headshok Moto 120 forks). my last set of front brake pads have come to lifes end, does anyone know is there a replacement disc break I can put on it? My local bike shop says; "it is an odd size and there is nothing out there that wi ... Read More »

Super V 4000 Moto Headshok 120 Brake

Can anyone please help? I have a Super V 4000, still original spec. I have come to the life end of my last set of front brake pads, does anyone know is there a replacement disc break I can put on it? My local bike shop says; it is an odd size and there is nothing out there that will fit?Read More »

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