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2009 Cannondale F5 front shock upgrade

Dart 3 shock on the front, I want to upgrade to a lighter front shock, I just don't know which ones will fit etc.. Thanks for any help!!. I am looking for the specs and the manual doesn't appear on cannondale website no longer. tapered??, 1 1/8?? Thanks Much!!Read More »

Help w/Trek 950 1995 want to add front shock

I have a Trek 950, 1995. I love my bike & don't want to buy a new bike at this time. I ride some local greenway trails which are partly paved in places. I would like to add a front shock. I don't want to invest a lot of money but I would like a decent fork. Been looking at Rock Shox Recon Silver or ... Read More »

Newbie front shock question

[COLOR=#333333]2 Part question for you guys about the front shock.[/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333]The suntour xctv3 fork that came on this bike is really a piece of garbage in my opinion. When I stand up and try to crank on the bike to go up steep hills the front shock is like a pogo stick. There is no way ... Read More »

Rear Shock setting and 100mm travel front shock or 140mm travel?

What are the three settings for on the rear shock? I have a ROCK SHOCK MONARCH RT3 AIR EYE TO EYE: 165mm/ external rebound and 3 position Flood Gate? It was set by a LBS and wasn't told much about the rear shock adjustment. [COLOR=#0000cd]I bought a FS Mtn bike so I wouldn't be thrown off the bik ... Read More »

Help front shock leaking?

Hello peeps. I am a noob and I just bought a used trek 820 mountain bike. I noticed that the front shocks are leaking this weird orange rust color. Is this bad? Do i return the bike and get my money back? is it an easy fix? Do i have a LBS look at it? Please advise me someone. Thank youRead More »

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