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Voodoo Canzo

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Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by georgizzzz a Weekend Warrior from San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

Date Reviewed: November 21, 2008

Strengths:    Light, Durable, Rare, Plush, Just Lovely

Weaknesses:    My 08 Canzo AL came with a Rock Shox Monarch 4.2 which has a pivoting valve. This shock not only is a piece but the pivoting valve is unaccessible due to the suspension bars!! You can get to valve by disassembling the suspension (not difficult), but this is aa bad shock for this bike. Don't get a frame with this rear shock!! Also the paint job isn't very impressive. My buddy's 3 year old Voodoo has a whole lot of paint chips and scratches on it.

Bottom Line:   
This bike is an awesome ride. I ride the shniz out of it and it hasn't let me down once. Only thing is the rear shock is kinda whack - but its not the frame's fault. It says you can fit up to a 26x2.3 tire on the back but I have got some panaracers 26x2.4 on there with room to spare.

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Favorite Trail:   Canyon Creek in Auburn, CA

Duration Product Used:   6 months

Price Paid:    $550.00

Purchased At:   via

Similar Products Used:   Ellsworth Epiphany, Stumpjumper FSR

Bike Setup:   Full XT + Some XTR
Fox Talas 32 on front
Rock Shox Moarch 4.2 on back
Ive got a short stem and a setback seatpost putting my weight further back.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by will watts a Cross Country Rider from newark nj us

Date Reviewed: May 3, 2002

Strengths:    solid, light, fast

Weaknesses:    none to speak of

Bottom Line:   
this is a good, rare light, bike. With the xt components it runs very very well. I couldnt be happier with this bike. I would reccomend this to anyone, whether novice or pro.

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Favorite Trail:   ringwood

Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Price Paid:    $450.00

Purchased At:   ebay

Similar Products Used:   schwinn s-20

Bike Setup:   rock shox sid front, super deluxe rear, bontrager mustang wheels, xt all around

Overall Rating:3
Submitted by Dave a Cross-Country Rider from Portland, OR

Date Reviewed: October 28, 1999

Little flex in the frame. Plush ride. Low maintainence.

Awkward geometry. Not the right set up on the rear shock.

Bottom Line:   
I posted a review of a friend's Canzo on this page and I would like to amend it. I got a chance to ride the bike earlier this year in Durango and I have had a change of heart in some respects. After getting some more time on his bike I think my problems with it were due more to the setup of the rear shock. Depending on what time of year it is my friend is between 20 and 30 pounds lighter than I am and due to that the rear shock was sagging excessively when I was on it and he admitted that it was a little soft for his liking as well. Also his stem was really long and set me up over the front wheel. As a result, I felt like a 500 hundred pound gorilla on the bike. I have ridden other bikes like the Canzo and liked them (Trek Y-bikes, Fisher Joshua Z0 and others). I truely feel that if my friend's bike had a different setup and was one size larger, it would work well. However, from my experience I have to give this bike a three star rating until I ride a well setup canzo...

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Favorite Trail:   
Hoffiens Connection to Colorado Trail, Durango, CO

Duration Product Used:   
tested or demo'ed only

Similar Products Used:   
Trek Y-bikes. Gary Fisher Joshua's. Klein Mantra's

Bike Setup:   
1997 Rock Shox Judy DH, Fox Alps 4R rear shock, 150mm control tech stem, Answer Hyperlite Handle bar,

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Cliff a Racer from Central Texas

Date Reviewed: June 30, 1999

Excellent Control and manueverability, plush ride

A little heavy with my current configuration

Bottom Line:   
What a wonderful experience. This thing flys. Max speed on downhills increased by 20% and awesome control in tight singletrack. I've tried alot out and this by far is a much finer ride. Fast geometry, but a little heavy so it's a little extra effort to get it up to the top of the hill.

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Favorite Trail:   

Duration Product Used:   
3 months

Similar Products Used:   
Specialized FSR, AMP Research B4, Trek Y-33

Bike Setup:   
RockShox Judy SL,
XT Mega 9,
Ritchey Rock rims, FSA head set and bottom bracket

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Jan Gerrit Klok a cross-country rider from The Netherlands

Date Reviewed: March 9, 1999

Bottom Line:   

I'm 1.93m/6ft.4 tall and the 425mm syncros post only just makes it, but still
the 20.5 '97 CanzoEsp fits me like a glove. People, this bike really is something else. It will iron out all bumbs without compromising any speed.
The story goes that Fully's suck up a big chunk of power, well this one sure doesn't. Put it on slicks, set the damper to 'comfortable' and you've got good match for your road bike.
But the Canzo's biggest stength must be is climbing capabilities. When the trail gets steeper and rougher, you will be able to stay in the sattle longer than you'd ever manage with any hardtail or fully.
This bike belongs in the fall of fame, for sure.

Overall Rating:1
Submitted by Dave a cross-country rider from Denver, CO

Date Reviewed: November 5, 1998

Bottom Line:   

I can't beleive the goober's on this page giving this bike four and five star's. I rode a Canzo that belongs to my friend at the '97 Cactus Cup and it rode like a peice of dog poo'. It will always stand out as the WORST full-suspension bike I have ever ridden. I was leary of full suspension designs after that experience. I think the problem lies with the pivot placement right infront of the BB which gives a super plush ride but when it comes to time to hammer down the bike absorbs all your energy. Awful! I rode nearly every bike design I could get my grubby little hands on before I decided on a Titus Racer-X, Baby! Now there is one sweet ride. The Racer-X is a Ferrari compared to the Pinto of a Canzo!

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Thomas Breding a downhiller from Stockholm, Sweden

Date Reviewed: October 21, 1998

Bottom Line:   

YES, YES, YES! YES! YES! Don´t buy a full suspension bike without trying the Canzo. After renting a Canzo in Moab last year I decided that if I could afford it, my next bike would be a Canzo AL. I bought a frame set one month ago, building me a ”dream bike” with XTR, Syncros, Ringlé and my old (´97) Judy DH with a XC crown. The bike is amazing. Good on downhills (my other bike is a GT LTS DH), killer tractiuon on singletracks and a excellent climber that seems like glued to the ground when you are going uphill. The RS SDL works fine (I´ve had a bad experience on my GT..) and is easy to adjust on the fly =no bobbing. This lightweight, fast, fun and nice looking bike is worth every top rating it gets! :-)

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Ken Aaron a weekend warrior from Belmont California

Date Reviewed: September 30, 1998

Bottom Line:   

I bought a Conzo the first year they came out, '96 I think. Anyway, have been using and abusing it since. All of you who are enjoying Canzos that are less than one year old... I just want to let you know that you will be enjoying them for a LONG time. The only think I have to do to it is up grade the suspension 'cause mine is getting kinda warn out. It is an amazing bike this kicks butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by walter a weekend warrior from holland

Date Reviewed: August 17, 1998

Bottom Line:   

This review is for the canzo-AL.
I`ve bought my DOO seven month`s ago and no regrets what so ever.
The bike handels like a witchdoctor and rides like black magic.After riding hardtail for a while [rockhopper] i made the switch to fullsuspension and the difference is unbelievable.
My DOO is tunned up with the Z1 bam up front,XT drivetrain,mavic X517 with CHRISKING hubs[the best],magura quicksilver brakes and A-mazing slugger riserbars.
The concept off building your own unique bike is really great and fun to do.
Now i`ve the light and strong fun-bike that I dreamed of at the beginning.
It`s five stars from me for the canzo and hope to see moree comming in the futureWALTER

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by D a cross-country rider from Boulder

Date Reviewed: July 22, 1998

Bottom Line:   

Last week end was the first time that I have rode one of these. It was awsome. I was looking at buying a Voodoo Zobop (a lot like the canzo but not so much money) from Supergo (THE best bike store) but I live in colorado and supergo is in Calf. I went to the closest Voodoo store to my house and tryed out the Canzo, closest thing to a Zobop. I loved it. The suspinsion worked great! The next day I order a Zobop from Supergo, only $699! If you do not have so much cash for a canzo, go to supergo for a Zobop. You should buy six! If the Zobop is any think like the Canzo it will be a great ride. I will give the Canzo 96 chillies, it is a great bike!

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by João Leitão a weekend warrior from Estoril,Portugal

Date Reviewed: May 29, 1998

Bottom Line:   

Got it from a great friend of mine, an experience downhill racer in your national championship in 96. Nice price, superior control at high speeds whith a great margin for errors. the only problems that i had till now where the collapse of the stiring box dued to heavy riding on muddy mountain tracks and the changing of k7 due to the use.
An outstanding machine made to be a winner. five chillis what else.

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by JethMoto-oto a weekend warrior from Lost Wages, NV

Date Reviewed: May 16, 1998

Bottom Line:   

Awight, here we go. Yeah, I bought this bike, AND HAVEN'T REGRETTED IT SINCE, BOOOOOY!! Check this, I was riding an old-school DB Apex for years complete with Girvyn Flex-Stem (remember those). Well, after going to the Sea-Otter Classic in Salinas, Ca and visiting the VooDoo tent, I came home and took the 2k+ plunge. Mine is set up with the Z-2, XT/LX, DH bars, and the Super Deluxe. This bike is the shizit on XC. A few adjustments for a climbing and DHing is no big deal. I find that trying to find a happy medium is as difficult as making a decent road/mountain bike (aka hybrid). Once you get through the crappy ass Ritchey tires (which will only take a couple of rides) and get hooked up with some tires best-suited for your application, you'll start feeling a sense of orgasm which wasn't induced sexually. So, be careful and bring some toilet paper on your ride. Peace!

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Mark McFeely a cross-country rider from Charleroi, PA

Date Reviewed: March 10, 1998

Bottom Line:   

Have had my DOO for about 9 months. Bought it with full XT and Judy XC. The bike keeps on taking anything that is thrown at it from rocky down hills to steep rutted and rooty uphills. Upgrades include a long travel kit for the Judy, a Chris King headset, Torrelli tubes, and Precision Billet Proshift brakes to replace the ever-loosening XT's. A Cane Creek AD 10 will replace the RSSD when it is sacked out, which shouldn't be long after reading the reviews. I haven't had a problem with it as yet (compression and rebound working just fine, no klunks). Although VooDoo claims that the pivot is bombproof and maintenance free, BEWARE! Tear down your bike and inspect the bearings at least every 300-400 miles, as water and grit WILL infiltrate the seals. Mine was gritty after 400 miles. I popped the seals and rinsed the bearings by squirting with WD40, working the bearing, and repeating until no grit was evident. Let the WD40 carrier sublime away, then repack with your favorite bearing grease, (Bullshot in my case). Reassemble and shred. No torque spec on the pivot bolt was attainable through multiple Emails to VooDoo. Don't let the smooth action of your swingarm fool you. Mine felt perfect. This maintenance is minimal compared to any multi-pivot bike, and I feel that it is not unreasonable. The bike is great, it does it all without a wimper, shifting is perfect, and squeaks and groans are non-existent. A fine example of two wheeled engineering. Five Chillis

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Chris Cowan a weekend warrior from Scottsdale, Arizona

Date Reviewed: February 16, 1998

Bottom Line:   

WOOOOW! What a sweeeet ride! I just bought a Canzo AL with Z1 fork and XT/LX. I ride mainly on very rocky terrain mixed in with sand and a small amount of dirt. Large Up hills and awesome downhills! It rides perfect on all conditions.Downhills especially! I have the rear shock set up just right so that I won't get bobbing on the up hills and flats but still maintain the right amount of recoil for the rocky downhills. I also have noticed that I have been able to increase the height of my bunny-hops.I replaced the handlebars with carbon fiber risers and the seat with a SDG Slim Jim with the red disco finish. Since I bought this bike, I have ridden every day possible, rain, wind, hail, mud, etc... It is such a blast to ride in any condition!

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Lou Harris a cross-country rider from Atlanta(From Philly)

Date Reviewed: February 3, 1998

Bottom Line:   

Dudes, This is the BEST F-ING BIKE ON THE MARKET for x-motocross racers who need to catch MAJOR AIR and have a blast on every ride..... I have a Canzo AL with XT and a Judy XC on the front..... I am 1 of 5 in our TEAM VooDoo Pack back in Philly..... Had to move to Hot-lanta and miss the TEAM, but riding in North Georgia is da-BOMB......... If you're still on a hard-tail, you're wasting time...... Suck up the cost and JUST BUY IT...... You will not regret it...

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