Proflex Animal Bike Bike 1998 or Older

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Proflex Animal HED

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Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by heacox a Weekend Warrior from bremerton, wa usa

Date Reviewed: March 3, 2011

Strengths:    I have a K2 proflex Animal. Never used. What's it worth. Excellent condition.

Bottom Line:   
Would like to sell

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Duration Product Used:   Tested or demo'ed only

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Billy Howard a Weekend Warrior from Tulsa, Okla USA

Date Reviewed: June 27, 2004

Strengths:    Nice Bike Frame

Weaknesses:    Elastromers need replaced periodically

Bottom Line:   
I have the Proflex 755 frame and Girvin Vector fork set. Bike frame and forks are in good condition but needs the Elastomers. Includes the aluminum seat post and clamp, handle bar riser built into Girvin forks. Anybody wanting to purchase please email me at and make me a resonable offer.

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Duration Product Used:   More than 3 years

Price Paid:    $600.00

Purchased At:   friend

Similar Products Used:   I ride a Marin, Nail Trail hardtail

Bike Setup:   XT, Rock Shox Pilot, Truvativ Firex cranks.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:3
Submitted by Colin Shields a Cross Country Rider from Das North, British Columbia, Canada

Date Reviewed: April 10, 2003

Strengths:    Frame Frame Frame, drivetrain, Believe it or not the original Girvin Linkage Fork minus the oem boinger.

Weaknesses:    OEM MCU boingers trash from the get go... Stock rims were ok 'till I tryed my first real DH hit an erosion ditch with too much oomph and bent the front rim and blew out the headset...

Bottom Line:   
When I purchased this bike it was New out of the box. And my first couple of months were all part of the learning curve. After developing the ability to ride more than city streets I felt that I could hang on to this bike for at least 2 years... I still run the stock Shimano, Magura and Sram systems and you know what I like 'em. I have had the frame for going on 7 years and although I did replace items like BB, cranks, shocks I still feel that I could ride this bike for a few more years, so I am very pleased with the frame.
I am a Process Engineer and if it ain't broke then buy something even better for more insurance that it won't break ie the Race face cranks & Syncros BB other than pulling them apart fours times a year and doing basic maintenance they have never let me down. (I weigh 300lbs and have a 38" waist and ride the fecal matter out of this bike) The XT drivetrain has become a testament to Shimano and I don't like Shimano.
I have designed a set of bearings for the rear swing arm main pivot and am also in the process of installing a set of front Zokes. I finally broke a bushing and thought what the...
Hey I like it, for what I do it's the fecal matter. Would I take it to Whistler no it's not a DH bike and ya I would trash it. It works good from single track to steep fire roads. The brakes have worked so well that I intend to stay with Magura when I build my second bike... It's going to be a Hardtail with a selection of Race Face, Syncros and yes Shimano too.

What would make it a value rating Five Star bike, if I bought it used for 500.00 and then built it up..
I based the rating on what got for what I paid 3*, and what I now have 5*.

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Favorite Trail:   Pick any mountain

Duration Product Used:   More than 3 years

Price Paid:    $1800.00

Purchased At:   Cat Shack

Similar Products Used:   This was my first semi high end ride. So I find it's like totally dialed in for me dude. cha

Bike Setup:   Stock Girvin Linkage fork w/ Noleen NR3 custom spring, Noleen NR4 w/ remote res. & custom spring. XT front and rear... hubs deraileurs, Syncros BB seat post, Race Face I beam cranks, New Sun Rhyno rims, stock Ritchey spuds & Magura Hydraulic rim brakes, CF bar......

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Karlobag from Ely, MN, USA

Date Reviewed: March 21, 2002

Strengths:    Strong frame + I like the Chubby LT. XT components and Magura brakes are a big plus.

Weaknesses:    "Smart" shock is a piece of junk and/or boat anchor. Mine is up for sale if you want it! Replaced it with a special made Risse Astro-5 (see below).

Chubby fork elastomers suck, so replaced them with Mountain Speed Springs and it made a huge difference.

Bottom Line:   
Bike performs well for freeride and moderate downhill. I am a Clydesdale and cratered the so called "Smart" shock on a regular basis. I got sick of K2/Noleen's poor customer service, so went looking for a replacement. There was none for the long stroke Noleen shock (1998 + 1999 years only).

I got a hold of Kevin Risse of Risse Racing Technology and asked if they could make a rear shock for the thing. He didn't have a frame to build a shock, so I sent him mine. Now with my shiny Astro-5, the bike is better than new!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have a 1998 Beast or Animal or can buy a bike as cheap as I did, now you can get a good replacement shock for it. CALL RISSE or visit their web site at and see my frame with the shock installed.

I got it soooo cheap on eBay, that the bike cost less than the components, so I gave it 5 chilis. With speed springs and the Risse shock it is a 4+.

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Duration Product Used:   2 Years

Price Paid:    $350.00

Purchased At:   Ebay Auction

Similar Products Used:   Proflex 755 and Beast + Foes Weasel

Bike Setup:   Xt + Magura brakes, Hellbent riser bars, Rhyno lite/XT rims/hubs, speed springs in Chubby, RISSE Rear shock.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Jeffrey Jones a Weekend Warrior from Angier,NC

Date Reviewed: November 19, 2001

Strengths:    This bike is tough and sturdy. I really like how high it is off the ground. You can jump over logs easy. I like the xt components and brakes. It is a nice freeride bike. I went to sugar mountain in NC and rode and it handled the course very good. It climbes good and can handle most anything.

Weaknesses:    The only thing I didnt like was the tires that came with the bike. I put a set of DH panriser tires and It made a world of difference.

Bottom Line:   
For the money I paid for the bike it was a steal a good free ride bike costs $2000.00 I got this bike better than half price.I really like it . If you dont like this bike you must be used to light fs bikes. I have a DBr4 diamond back. I have put xtr cranks and put a psylo xc front shock. It may be lighter but it want handle rough terrain like the animal. I would recommend it to anybody.

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Favorite Trail:   hog run

Duration Product Used:   3 months

Purchased At:   ebay

Similar Products Used:   diamond back treck specialized gary fisher

Bike Setup:   Stock except tires.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Zebulon Jakub a Downhiller from North Conway, NH

Date Reviewed: August 30, 2001

Strengths:    Cheap and well can take a lot of abuse

Weaknesses:    Frame seems small in Diameter...if fatter could be stronger? MUCH... like the Disco Monkey..(which i have used extensively)..they are almost the same though?

Bottom Line:   
I used a Ellsworth, Intense, and modern K2 Downhill bike the k2 with a serious DH fork...8 inches front and rear travel...honestly...the bike isn't that all the other reviews and take from them what you want..but i have had no trouble....15 foot drops to flat landings, 72 MPH (RECORDED with lazer!!) and i have had NO problems except a half broken rear rim...which has taken MUCH abuse from an old trial's bike....doesn't count to me....
It is a solid bike, that DOES except disc brakes FRONT AND REAR depending on front fork...a good bike.
SOLID and for the money, screw you figure out the people i am talking about....i am going to save my money and use what I have....Pro-Flex Animal! with some modern stuff thrown in of course.
have fun riding and remember it is the RIDER NOT THE ^%%##())@^% BIKE, but most importantly...HAVE FUN or die SAD your choice!!!

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Favorite Trail:   too many to choose from

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $519.00

Purchased At:   Bicycles Unlimited

Similar Products Used:   who knows...older bikes dont compare to new ones

Bike Setup:   Marzocchi Junior T , HS33 hydrolic Magura RIM brakes, Sun Rims Mamouth Fat rims..
Junior T fork Race face components., XT and SRAM deraileurs

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:3
Submitted by Rik Van Egdom a Weekend Warrior from Abbotsford, BC, Canada

Date Reviewed: September 7, 2000

Strengths:    What strengths?

Weaknesses:    The frame only has 4.7 inches of travel (not the 5.5 i was led to believe :(.) The rear shock is crap, it only has rebound control and the funky extendo shaft is really weak

Bottom Line:   
this bike is not what everyone says it is. If the other riders that reviewed this bike actually rode as hard as they say they do they would be experiencing the same problems as me. The frame has mondo flex in the rear end, and to top it all off i literally bent the rear shock at the point where the extendo shaft and the shock meet. I also destroyed the collet that holds the spring in which then scratched the heck out of the shock, and after 3 days the rebound control died! all in all i didn't even do anything that big. i am only 16 and 140 lbs, and all i did that was big were a 15 stair (only like 6.5 feet but real long) and another 6 footer onto a huge downslope! i don't understand! well, this experience just goes to show that u can't go by what other people say.

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Favorite Trail:   Woodlot Gold

Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Price Paid:    $700.00

Purchased At:   Cap's Bikes (Abbotsford

Similar Products Used:   trek vrx 400

Bike Setup:   z1's, xt/raceface, intense dh tires

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by John a Weekend Warrior from Denton

Date Reviewed: March 17, 2000

Strengths:    Suspension is very plush. I've hit all kinds of boulders with this baby while sipping on my water bottle (probably could have given the rabbi a ride and done my son's circumcison on back if I had a bannana seat);). Magura brakes rock, real stopping power rain, sleet or snow. Front forks are unreal soak up anything you can throw at em very adjustable. I like the way the bike looks. Haven't had to adjust anything yet seems to be reliable. Climbs very well almost as good as my old Barracuda. But best of all what I like is I paid an ubelievably low price for this bike. I'm not even going to say but the components themselves were worth way more than what I paid for the bike. All you rich kids go out there spend your easy money on your $1500 Specialized FS whatever. I'll take you over some rocks and boulders some big drops and see if you worry about hurtin yo pretty little yuppie bike. This bike is killer on rocky downhill stuff I pull away I don't grab for the brakes I just point and shoot the Animal does the rest. I must say I was a little worried about tight cornered single tracks but again the Animal blew me away. I thought because I was so high off the ground it wouldn't corner but it cornered just as good maybe better than my Barracuda. What can I say if you can find one buy it you'll never regret it. Mine is a 97 model.

Weaknesses:    If your a Tree Huggin, non-meat eatin, flag burning, draft dodging, rather be red than dead, whining about weight.... and voted for Clinton and plan to vote for Gore Wimp. This is not the bike for you. The weakness is in your head not the couple of extra pounds on the bike. The bike has no weaknesses.

Bottom Line:   
I've heard all the whiners they are all college age or yuppies that never had to work for a living. Actually I'm somewhat thankful for them because they helped drive down the price of this excellent bike. If you are a red blooded American working man you will not, I repeat you will not beat this bike for the price. Buy one immediately if you can find it chances are it will be from some whinin yuppie or someone who never rides and doesn't know how to appreciate an excellent bike you'll get the deal of the century. You'll be writing an article like this one. If they made a Mountain Bike version of Brave Heart this is the bike Mel Gibson would have been on.

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Favorite Trail:   North Shore Grapevine

Duration Product Used:   6 months

Similar Products Used:   Barracuda

Bike Setup:   Completely Stock except the Rollamajig.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by John W. a Cross Country Rider from Arlington, Tx

Date Reviewed: March 13, 2000

Strengths:    Bulletproof frame
Plush five inch travel both ends
Shimano XT components
Magura HS-22 brakes
Love it or leave it paint scheme(I love it)

Weaknesses:    Some details in owners manual a bit sketchy
No rebound adjust on the NR5 smartshock
Chubby LT fork limits turn radius

Bottom Line:   
I bought this bike off the Internet at for a miserly $799.00 + shipping. What a steal, the components alone are probably worth that much! The bike rides like a million bucks with the stock 750 pound spring on the rear smartshock and stock MCUs in the Chubby front fork. For reference, my frame is the Way Big size and I am 6'3" and 215 lbs. Correct sag was easy to setup and the suspension feels balanced and soooooo plush. If you like comfort and control then this is the bike for you. But be forewarned, this bike is no sprinter, especially in the big ring where it has a tendency to bob a bit if you mash the pedals. Climbing ability is surprisingly good for a freeride bike, as long as you stay seated and on the nose of the saddle the bike seems to never run out of traction. The Animal has a fairly high center of gravity and corners best from a seated position, just trust that long travel suspension to soak up the bumps and she rails! This bike responds to an aggresive riding style, the faster you go the better it works. That being said, the front fork limits turning radius in the really tight stuff but then again this bike is a freerider not a trials bike. I was so impressed with this bike that I bought a 98 Beast for a backup ride (same bike as Animal without Smartshock and Magura brakes). Five flamin' chilis for the Animal and K2.

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Favorite Trail:   Northshore Grapevine Lake

Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Similar Products Used:   98 Proflex Beast

Bike Setup:   Stock 98 Animal except for the addition of a Ritchey expert seat post and K2 Mag-C clipless pedals

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Aaron Xavier a Downhiller from Van Wa.

Date Reviewed: December 2, 1999

She's got some real nice rear.

No disc brake mounts on rear swing arm, and not enough rear travel.

Bottom Line:   
It should cost less than 500 bucks for what i got.
reason is that it didn't come disc brake mounts on swing arm, and K2 can kiss my asss for that. I am going crazy. I'm gonna kill somebody for this if it wern't for brake therapy disk adapters. Overall performance is great but the extra stem and seat post shock(7ibs), velocity disk wheels(20ibs), frame(17ibs), chubby fork(5.5ibs),adds up a 50 pound bike. I basicly made it imposiable to climb. Ha Ha

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Favorite Trail:   
backyard dropoffs

Duration Product Used:   
less than 1 month

Similar Products Used:   
Iron horse g spot and g out

Bike Setup:   
bought frame set
added deep v rimed wheelset and disc brakes w/ Avid levers.
Plasma shifters w/ XTR rapid rise derailuar, and soft ride stem(adds two more inch in front)and a 2 inch travel schock post extra in rear.

Overall Rating:1
Submitted by Billie a downhiller from Bradford

Date Reviewed: October 28, 1998

Bottom Line:   

I had one of these suck machines, and it was complete crap. I am quite capable of riding with my friend chris, who is up there with the words best downhillers and stunt riders. But I had no chance on this heap. His nickle P7 just creaked off into the distance with its disc squeking. Do not under any circumstances pay any money for this bike. Ride hard.

Overall Rating:1
Submitted by Big AL a racer from NY

Date Reviewed: September 18, 1998

Bottom Line:   

My friend got this bike and first of all the fork sucks!, its harsh, not plush, and it sucks even with speed springs. second of all, he broke the rear shock in half right on the shaft, bent the swingarm, and half the clear coat, and paint are gone. The red, and blu colors make it look like one of those freeride huffy's at toys R us. Flexy swingarm, chain broke, all paint came off shocks, biopaces like god knows what, feels like riding a pogo stick, seat post broke, stem broke, pedals suck cause they release too easy, all togater this bike is a hunk of crap, but if you dont belive me, go out and buy one, and kill yourself (and your budget) riding it. I would give it zero falming horses if i could!

Overall Rating:4
Submitted by Kim a cross-country rider from Willoughby, OH

Date Reviewed: August 23, 1998

Bottom Line:   

I've had my '97 ProFlex Animal since October of last year and really enjoy it. My buddy first bought the '98 K2/ProFlex Animal, then returned it after having problems getting the right rear spring for it from K2, then discovering what a poor ride the '98 was. He opted for a K2 4000. You can now buy a '97 Animal for a fraction of the '98 and have a better ride...PROS: * The gruppos alone are worth the value of the bike (Kooka, SRAM 9.0, Magura, WTB Powerbeam, MagC clipless) * It's a decent ride, not overly plush * The NR4 rear shock and Chubby fork are good in tandem and can both be adjusted to give you a great ride for different terrain * Excellent for downhills and climbing * The Magura brakes are practically indestructible and work well even in heavy mudCONS: * The paint does chip, particularly the rear triangle where the chain constantly slaps against it * Pivots require frequent cleaning and lubing * It's probably heavier than what most people are used to * The Titec Hell Bent bar is not well-suited for cross country freeriding * The SRAM Grip Shift 9.0 system is finnicky and not as crisp as XT or XTR. * Yes, it does have a limited turning ratio because of the fork.TIPS: * Replace the stock cables with Teflon or Gore. My stock cables failed me in the very first race I had it in when mud stripped the coating off the cables and knotted up inside the guides. * If you are going to ride it as a cross-country bike, replace the Titec Hell Bent bar with a straight bar that has knurling (little indentations or grooves that will allow the stem to bite into it and keep it stable). My bar came loose not once, but twice, in one race. * Keep the pivots well cleaned and greased * Ditch the fork boots on the Chubby. They will eventually rip and become useless. Get fork wipers instead. * You would be smart to go ahead and wear-out the SRAM GripShift and replace it with XT or XTR for better shifting, or if you keep your SRAM, get a Rollamajig. It will help it shift better.This bike gets 4 stars mainly for the well-priced gruppos. You can get a '97 for under $1,000. Do your math and see how much the components alone would cost you. Forget the '98 Animal and buy another bike in the K2 line. Finally, I'm not sold on the Smart Shock idea. It's just another marketing gimmick and more batteries we use to pollute our precious landscapes with.

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Sieb from cross-country rider

Date Reviewed: August 22, 1998

Bottom Line:   

The 97 Animal rules! I've test rode alot of FS bikes, and few even come close. I hope the switch in frame styles is a good choice for K2 because the Pro-Flex model really works. This bike has all the power and feel of a rigid frame, with the cush ride of a FS bike. The bike just makes you want to ride forever without getting off. Faster faster faster, more more more... Fidel with other experiments, than ride a Pro-Flex animal. If you can get your hands on one.

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Ben johnson a cross-country rider from Sacramento CA

Date Reviewed: August 22, 1998

Bottom Line:   

Dear K2 proFlex
I want to Tell You A sad sorie I Had A proflex 856 And Boy
did I love it but it was tacken out of my grage at 3:00am
when i was sound asleep if U could I would love for you
to Email me something back on how much it would be to replace
it.I paid 2,000 for it at a bike shop here in sacramento ca
and I need to turn something in for insurence so I can get
A knew bike I am going to get a pro-flex Beast.I have nothing
Bad to say about your biks.To me your bike are the BIG DOG
in the dirt.My 856 was put to the test Mud dirt even the snow
I did all kinds of things to my 856 I had LX EVERYTHING BUT
NOW IT IS GONE ): So if U could help me out I would love it
take care Ben Johnson

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