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Mrin alpine trail

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Child's seat on a Marin Alpine Trail? newbie here! I am wanting to get a child's sear for my 1 year old for my Marin Alpine Trail bike. It's approx 8 years old, but still a good enough bike for me so my question is, does anyone have any experience / know about fitting a child's seat? Please help! Thanks.Read More »

Alpine Trail in Oakridge still delivering the goods!!!

Took a drive down to Oakridge today to ride the Alpine trail and was reminded what a FANTASTIC ride that trail is. If you've never done it and you are anywhere near Central Oregon, you owe it to yourself to get over there and get on it. The good stuff flows in abundance from there!Read More »

Marin Alpine Trail 29er

Hi all, would need some advise on whether or not to change a 100mm (Rock Shox XC28 TK) to a 120mm (Manitou Tower Pro). What are the pros & cons? New to mountain biking. :)Read More »

New Cloverpatch/Alpine trail connector trail?

Hi, just got an email from MBO saying that there is a new connector trail that joins alpine to cloverpatch. Can anybody give some info on it please? I know that you can get to clover patch from the alpine trail by way of tire mountain so were is the new trail? The email said it make a cool loop and ... Read More »

Avid BB7 for 2010 Marin Alpine Trail?

Hey guys, Brand new to this site and new to the sport of mountain biking. I recently purchased a 2010 marin apline trail 26in mountain bike and I am looking to upgrade the brakes from the standard Hayes MX4 to the Avid BB7s. My question though is will the BB7s work on my bike or will I have to fi ... Read More »

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