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Cannondale Raven 2000

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Overall Rating:1
Value Rating:1
Submitted by Brian Lewer a Cross Country Rider from Wellington, New Zealand

Date Reviewed: August 12, 2001

Strengths:    Light weight, handles well, awesome suspension

Weaknesses:    I had a near death experience today while riding my Raven 3000, (2001 model) which I bought new 9 months ago.
While standing and pedalling on a flat, smooth tar seal stretch of road my frame snapped above the bottom pivot(through the magnesium skeleton and thermoplastic casing)
I was thrown heavily to the ground in front of an oncoming bus which stopped just before I was squashed.
I am an 87 kg rider who does not do jumps or particularly vigorous downhill riding.
I can only rationalise this hugely unexpected and terrifying event to result from an error in design or manufacturing. I will never ride a Raven again.

Bottom Line:   
Have any other Raven owners had a similar experience or heard of one?
Bear this in mind the next time you are going to hurtle down a hill.

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Favorite Trail:   all of NZ

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $4000.00

Purchased At:   Burkes Cycles, WGTN

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by DIRTMINDED a Cross-Country Rider from America

Date Reviewed: May 26, 1999

The bike is an awesome ride. Buy one and see for yourself. This is the only bike I will ever own.

None at this point.

Bottom Line:   
The final say on this bike is that its awesome and I love it. It handles like a mull on the climbs. And for the downhills its like drag racer with great handling. The headshok really works. Get out there and buy this bike. If you have an extra $3000 go for it. I know they aren't cheap rides but they work. Have fun on the trails. Also wear a helmet too. Just be safe out there. Peace.

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Favorite Trail:   
Mammoth MTN

Duration Product Used:   
6 months

Similar Products Used:   
I've tried other FS bikes and this one came out on top by far.

Bike Setup:   
This bike has full XTR groupo on it. So I'm pleased to have it. I got the bike for a great price. So I couldn't pass it up.

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Brian Vakiener a cross-country rider from CT

Date Reviewed: March 4, 1999

Bottom Line:   

I was a hardtail rider (GT Zaskar) for several years and wasn't interested in a full suspension bike. An opportunity came up to get a Raven 2000 and I took the plunge. I can't believe the abilities of this bike! After learning how to ride a full suspension bike I can do things I wouldn't dream about with the GT. The Raven climbs like a goat and descends faster than my skills allow sometimes. It is by far the best bike I have ever ridden. I work in a LBS part time and take the demo bikes out whenever a new one comes in, and nothing comes close. It is not as light as the GT, but damn close. And being an older (gasp) rider, my bones appreciate the plush rear end. The price of the bike is outrageous, but if you can afford it, you won't regret it. And the attention factor is incredible. People love to check it out, whether I'm on the trail or it is on the car rack. High Zoot factor!

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Alain Powder Cadorette a cross-country rider from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Date Reviewed: February 26, 1999

Bottom Line:   

This is an updated report for a much modified RAVEN 2000 (not the Freeride). CHECK OUT the original review posted on August 12, 1998 after 2 1/2 months of use.With everything I have changed on this bike, it is more like a '99 RAVEN 3000 or '98 Raven 4000. Here's were it's at today (some changes were done since I had posted in MTB Review): Cane Creek Crono Wam SS wheelset (Double butted Stainless Steel
spokes), Ritchey Logic Rim Tape on both wheels, Specialized 1.25-1.5 thin
tubes on both wheels (they stretch to 2.1 and are pretty reliable and very
light), XTR Titanium Casette (12-32), Rear XT Quick Release (no flex wanted
there), Kept the Mythos tires on both wheels (very light tires), Front
Specialized Ti Quick Release.XTR splined Bottom Bracket, Coda Tarantula competition Splined Crankset with
inner Ti ring, Shimano SPD-747 pedals (747 are a bit heavy but, still the best out there), Sedis road chain (forgot the number, they have little groove in the
side plates, It shifts nice and lasts as long as any other hi-end chain, and
It's light).Easton CT2 Carbon flat handlebars, Tomac ATI grips, GripShift Attack 8.0
shifters, XTR brake levers, No more bar ends, XTR front and rear brakesSyncros Titanium seatpost, Avocet 40 02 kevlar saddle (had a Sella Italia
flite until it got riped so I'm trying something new)That's about it. I added up all the weight savings and it should weigh about
24.5pds but on my scale it comes in at 24.75pds (sometimes closer to 25pds).
It still feels much lighter when your riding it.In order to bring the weight down to 24pds, I would want to change the rear shock, but I'll wait until the ALPS 5R blows up. The only problem is that as of today Fox will not sell Air Vanilla or floats to the public, only OEM, man does that SUCK! Cane Creek has a nice shock, the AD-10, but they don't make one that fits the Raven yet, they only have one for the Super V 2000. You need the get a shock with the correct lengths, compression ratio bla, bla, bla... you just can't put any other shock on this bike yet. Oh and forget about the Rock Shock rear SID, I heard it really SUCKS the big one! Maybe one day Fox will allow dealers to sell the shocks as an aftermarket part.My local bike store was very helpfull in helping me find cranks for this bike, they finally got Cannondale to ship them Tarantulla cranks for my bike at an amazing upgrade price in exchange for my old cold forged cranks. The best fitting cranks are the CODA competition Tarantula (Splined), you also need an XTR splined BB. The cranks with rings are lighter than XTR, shifts really nice, feels very stiff and look pretty good too. We tried other cranks but because of the rear swingarm design most cranks do not fit on the left side of the bike (Including XTR, Race FACE...). You can get these other cranks to fit, but you will have to get a much wider axle which will add flex, add weight, off center your chain and rings and widen your pedalling stance. NOT GOOD!This bike still kicks butt! I have had nasty spills with the bike falling over jagged rocks , roots , branches.... and guess what? The carbon shell doesn't have one dent yet, minor scratches but that's about it. That big ass pivot mounted on sealed bearings hasn't shown any sign of weekness yet, It still feels as stiff as a hard tail. With periodic maintenance, the Fatty SL headshock still performs very well on big hits but not as good on small ripples like a SID would, then again it still tracks better than anything else on there.Bottom line I still stand by what I wrote on August 12th 1998.
FYI: The local bike store I shop at has really help me out in tuning this bike they really know their stuff and for you Americans and Europeens you should check out their prices since the Canadian dollar is basicaly worth SHIT!
Call Francois (AKA Franky) at ABC Cycles & Sports, 514-276-1305 and tell him you saw this on the WEB, he'll get a kick out of that.BTW: No, I don't work for that store, I don't own any of their stocks, and I'm not dating the owner's daughter, if he has one, anyways I'm already hitched with someone else. They just deserve a little CUDOS for having very good service, which is something that is hard to find in this town.

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by nick a cross-country rider from Chesapeake, VA

Date Reviewed: January 9, 1999

Bottom Line:   

I've had my Raven 2K for about 6 months now & I don't think I'll ever want another bike. Very plush over any kind of terrain, almost as light as my old Haro Alu. HT, climbs nicely with minimal bounce and causes stops & stares on the bike trail at the beach. Stiff forks with tons of travel on the super fatty sl, very adjustable rear end & the blue & yellow matches my roadie to boot. I love this bike!!! (named him jake) 5+ chillies for this baby!!!

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Jimbo Birney from FL formerly Canada

Date Reviewed: December 24, 1998

Bottom Line:   

After racing BMX as a kid,competed in freestyle(big air) as a teenager,, being sponsored (breaking other peoples stuff) and now mt bikes as an adult I have seen it all. All the technical innovations we are recycling now have bbe done before,suspension,composite wheels etc. This idea of a carbon skin over an aluminum skeleton is truly unique. I have owned and ridden all levels of mt bikes. Having a buddy who worked as a bike mechanic in a Cdale shop(rode EVERTHING) for 10 years I did see a few problems,some serious and some minor. At one time Cdale let their customer service level drop, early 90's. Prior to that every problem was addressed and corrected without exception. Recently I have seen the service level improve. As an innovator in this sport a company will experience growing pains, they did and its over.
The BIKE: I picked up a Raven at the end of the 98 season for cheap( 2100 for a Raven 2000).Early 98's did not have the disc brake mounts or Tarantula cranks.This is one of the only FS setups I would ride/own.(Specialized is a close 2nd) The Trek/Fishers are pretty, nice workmanship, but a poor design. I was going to buy another Cdale hardtail with Headshok. On a whim I rode the Raven. The bike is balanced. No heavy Rockshok or DH fork to cause it to nosedive on jumps. No springy rear suspension top cause the tailend to pop up on you as you leave jumps. JUMPS yes JUMPS,why else would you be on one of these, comfort????. Get real, if you want comfort sit your fat ass on the sofa. If you want exercise then don't be afraid to work at it.This bike performs. Its lite enough that it feels like a HT yet it has the advantage of useable suspension.

Overall Rating:4
Submitted by Trond Hindenes a cross-country rider from Bergen, Norway

Date Reviewed: October 17, 1998

Bottom Line:   

After having spent 2 years on a AMP B-3, this was something quite different.
I`ll just sum up the strong and weak points dosn below:
-Boombproof chassis. Maybe the stiffest XC/FS design out there
-Rear suspension that really works (who scoffed at air shocks??)
-Carbon fiber/Viper red color scheme -soo cool!!Bads:
-My bike came with the P-Bone D fork. 6 cm of travel just isn`t enough when you have 12 cm in the rear -unbalanced...
-The IRC Mythos XC 1.9 tires aren`t cutting it for me.. these are not the ideal trail tires. OK, that`S it!!

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Phaeton a cross-country rider from Slovenia - Europe

Date Reviewed: September 5, 1998

Bottom Line:   

One of the best and most reputable MTB magazines here in Europe - the german magazine BIKE voted Cannondale Raven the BIKE OF THE YEAR 1998!
Loved the weigth, the bombproof frame, the way suspension works, the super precise, flex-free and adjustable HeadShok fork, the company that stands behind the product and of course the looks!
Nuff said!

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by mike a cross-country rider from ND

Date Reviewed: August 31, 1998

Bottom Line:   

Ok hello there. Just bought this Cannondale Raven 2000. I was a Hardtail guy for years. Rode a nice HT. It was a GT Zaskar LE. Very nice bike but not a what this Raven is. The Raven was such a great ride, I couldn't believe how well it worked on the trail and the climbs and the downhills. The bike is just a piece of art. It's no HT and I think this is the best bike I've ever ridden. Don't get me wrong. I do love HT's too. But in the mean time I think I will ride my Raven to no end over the HT. Both bikes are very good once you have them dialed in. So if you want a great FS bike this is the way to go. Got a great bike for a great deal. Have fun with this bike. And ride it with will not skill, and just have fun. Believe you will love this bike. The Raven is unbelieveable. Get one if you get a chance.

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Dr. Raven a cross-country rider from Calif

Date Reviewed: August 20, 1998

Bottom Line:   

I've ridden C-dales for years and love my new Raven after I broke my old 95 Super V. The Customer Service has been great, but I have seen different levels of service depending on the relationship the store has with Cannondale. The only disappointment I have with the bike is lack of a front disk mount. I know that is something that I'm going to want to upgrade to. My bike had a creeking/popping sound until they replaced my rear swingarm. Problem taken care of. When I bought the bike, it came with a 97 swingarm (no disk mount and old style dropout). I've heard of few others that have had the same noise. Other then that, it is a great bike, both up and down the hills. It is a go anywhere type of bike. Highly recommend it.

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Alain powder Cadorette a weekend warrior from Montreal, Canada

Date Reviewed: August 12, 1998

Bottom Line:   

Now for a real review of the Raven (last time I just talked about cranks),The bike is great, I had once said that I would never get an FS bike for x-country riding, then I got to try the Super V Raven 2000. I have been riding for 9 years now and have had lots of light x-country bikes, my last one was a specialized S-works carbon with Ti FSX suspension forks, XTR, Ti here, Ti there....23 pounds. A stock Raven 2000 (Large size) weighs in at 26 pounds (Cannondale advertised 25, probably using a medium size without pedals or something like that). When I first tried the stock bike I was amazed on how light it felt. It felt almost as light as my S-works! It climbs steep technical sections like a mountain goat and I’ve noticed a significant speed increase (read scary) on my favorite downhill portions. The Head Shock Fatty SL is not as plush as a Judy but it does a very good job swallowing the big hits and the front rim no longer rubs on the brake pads because of torsion or flex in the fork blades (thank god for that design). Just point it where you want to go and hold on. I haven’t noticed any bottom bracket flex, the rear suspension works great, very tunable, and the overall frame feels almost as stiff as a good cro-mo hardtail when sprinting out of the saddle. Carbon fibre? Never had a problem with it. I think that Trek has proven that the material is durable and worthy of the sport. This bike just does everything right but, keep one thing in mind, it is not a downhill nor a freeride bike, so don’t expect to be able to follow a guy on a FOES with 6 inches of travel.Having raced Motocross bikes in my teens (6 Years) , I should of seen the Full Suspension light a while ago but, I had not found an FS bike that could be made into a light weight, fully active, no pedal induced bouncing around, minimal pivoted, x-country racing bike. Who the hell wants to pedal a 32 pound monkey motion monster up a hill, this is the 90`s not the late 80`s! If I didn’t like climbing, had the guts I had when I was 20, didn’t have a family to support and wouldn’t need a job to pay my bills, I would probably be on a $5000 full suspension kick ass downhill machine to go down Bromont`s World Championship course every weekend. Then again, for $5000 I could get a 5 year old CR250 motocross bike, buy a real helmet, boots, pants and a trailer. Now we’re talking air time, non of that weekend warrior, full body armor on a bicycle, did you see me jump 3 feet off the ground crap... Don’t get me wrong, It’s still cool to get a little air with style, it’s a great feeling when you nail a nice table top or a kicker, but, facts are facts, it’s nothing next to what those motocross dudes can do!...Anyway, I like to ride bikes hard and fast, I love making it down a steep drop off and finishing a one hour climb on a sprint, that’s why I do it! Some bikes out there our just plain stupid, those Y shaped bikes (Trek, Gary Fisher..) are useless the minute you get off the seat, the suspension becomes inactive. When is the last time you have gone screaming down a rough access road or a rocky single track sitting down on your seat? You might as well get a super light hardtail and put on a suspension seat post-a-ma-gig. Bikes like the Specialized FSRs and AMPs B-5 are great bikes, but they have so many pivots to look after and maintain (the Raven only has one pivot to look after) and most have that pedal induces bouncing motion, but some weigh less than Cannodale’s design.I have not changed the cranks yet. Cannondale has not responded to my e-mail asking what else fits on that bike (it’s only been 3 days). I have installed my old Titanium crank bolts, Syncros Ti seat post, Sella Italia flite Ti railed saddle, Bontrager Titec 118 handlebar, Grip shift Attack 8.0, 747 SPDs, Specialized Turbo ultra light tubes, Specialized Team edition tires and a Cane Creek Wam SS Wheelset with a Ti XTR cassette. The bike now weighs about 24 3/4 pounds (knocked off about 1 1/4 pound off the out of the box stock bike). NOW it actually feels lighter than my S-works! I should be able to drop it to 24 pounds when I change the cranks and bottom bracket.If your into X-country type mountain biking and want a bike that climbs very well, descends with ease, is as light (feels as light) as most hardtails and doesn’t bruise your sorry ass on those long rides. This could be the one your looking for. Anyway, just get a couple demo bikes, ride them, compare them, then buy the one you think feels right for you, and don't listen too much to guys like myself that write about their bikes and read these sites just to convince themselves that they didn't spend 4 Gs on a piece of crap. Most of us also want to help people find the right bike for them because we just love this sport so much (start crying now Steve).

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Patrick McNamar a cross-country rider from WI

Date Reviewed: August 9, 1998

Bottom Line:   

Have a Raven 2000 that I ride everyday. Have over 1200 miles on it this summer and think it just great. Cannondale will upgrade the 701M crank to the spec'ed tarantula for $50.00 US. Complaint is that I cannot put disc brakes on the front fork. I believe they have a new version out now that will accept discs. Put on a pair of Mavic Crossmax wheels and you have the sweetest climbing, descending bike around. Have your dealer get you the headshok tuning video and a shim kit and you will be amazed at the different feels you can get from the headshok. I am having a problem with snapping noises coming from the frame in the area of the bottom bracket or shock mount (can't pinpoint the source) and C-dale says they want the frame back. Waiting for a replacement at this time.

Overall Rating:4
Submitted by Alain Cadorette a weekend warrior from Montreal, Canada

Date Reviewed: August 7, 1998

Bottom Line:   

This bike is HOT, great x-country bike and with the right parts, it can be pretty light too. Where I ride (Bromont, Quebec), bikes take a beating, I know these trails inside out so I can tell after a week whether or not it's a good bike. I`ll post again soon to tell you about Cannondale's customer service.Here’s the letter I wrote to Cannondale about a little problem:I have recently purchased a Super V 2000 Raven (Large size), Before I even picked up the bike, There was a recall on the original cranks which were replaced by other Coda cranks which seem to be of lower quality (maybe LX quality). I have been riding the bike for one month now and feel that the replacement cranks are soft (not worthy of the Raven's frame). This bike is HOT, great x-country bike and with the right parts, it can be pretty light too. I`ll post again soon to tell you about Cannondale's customer service.Question 1: Would it be please possible to find (somewhere in your warehouse) a set of Tarantula SL 175mm cranks (as pictured in the Coda Tarantula web site, Item # 6)? I'll pay full price for it if I have to. I just want to be fully satisfied with my bike. If the cranks need a special bottom bracket, I'll pay for that too. Every dealer in town (Montreal and area) says that they are not available. If someone buys one of your bikes that are spec'd with the Tarantula SLs and the cranks break for whatever reason, you must have some spares to replace them? If you do have some in stock that I can buy and not have to wait a month to get them, I will be glad to get them from my favorite Cannondale dealer (ABC Cycle in Montreal), we can easily coordinate this effort with________________ from ABC Cycle at (514-276-_____)Question 2: Although I would prefer to have Coda cranks, If you can't find anything in your warehouse, could you please tell me what after market (High quality and light) cranks I could put on the Raven? So far, nothing fits because of the Asymetrical rear triangle's left side. Do XTR cranks fit? I know Race Face cranks don't fit, a friend of mine already tried on his Raven.Question 3: I have heard some nasty comments on Cannondale’s Customer Service and I refuse to believe them (Hey! I did by a $4500 Cannondale). Could you please, please help me out? I just want to be happy with my Raven, everything else on that bike is perfection.Let's see what they say!

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Jerry Brockman a weekend warrior from Anchorage,AK

Date Reviewed: August 2, 1998

Bottom Line:   

My Raven is the most comfortable bike I've ever ridden, ever. The suspension is extremely tunable, and it doesn't suck up a lot of of your power bobbing up and down when you peddle like some other designs. It climbs almost as well as my hardtail, and descends like a rocket. I don't know what the dude with the Klein is talking about, those things don't go downhill worth a damn. I recommend this bike to anybody who can afford it (they are a bit spendy). And with a few well placed upgrades (like getting rid of the LX bottom bracket) you can have one hell of a race worthy steed. I'd give it six flaming tadpoles if I could, but since I can't, I give it five.

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Jason Jennings a cross-country rider from Ohio

Date Reviewed: June 27, 1998

Bottom Line:   

I have recently just bought a Raven. Not the 2000 but the Raven 700 that shows up on Cannondales web site under new for '99 bikes. It has impressed me much. I paid $2199 for the bike. Well worth it to me because the parts that were lower than XT are parts I usually go through alot of. But the heart of the bike, the shocks, and the frame, are still the same. This bike is really a treat to ride. It can be set up stiff in the back so that it rides strong like a hardtail but still takes the edge off small bumps and still swallows large bumps. On softer settings the force used in a sprint can cause the bike to squish a little. But even on the softest setting it will not bob or biopace at all when seated. Essentially its the perfect cross country bike. Its extremly tunable. The bike came with the new Super Fatty D shock with 80MM travel. It also come with the air/oil upgrade with the five position dampning dial. At first the dial deosn't seem to do much but if you let the air out of the shock and play with the dial and move the shock by hand you can feel the difference. The dampning dial was made for sight adjustments to a well set up shock so don't expect huge differences in each setting. Though I have noticed that it deos make a difference in the bikes ride. The bike came with every single thing listed on Cannondales web site. The disk brake mounts are there just like they said. The paint and build quality turned out just fine. The only bad thing I can say is that for me the rider compartment on the size large seemed a little small. This is probally an illusion to me since I do much road biking. Overall I suggest looking up this bike on Cannondales site. Its the most unique and best full suspension desighn on the market. Perfect score.

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