Manitou Nixon Platinum Intrinsic 2006 Front Shocks

3.77/5 (13 Reviews)

Product Description

  • Infinite Travel
  • Cartridge Intrinsic
  • Semi Bath oil lubrication
  • Open-bath lubrication system

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Overall Rating:1
Value Rating:4
Submitted by aceospades1250 a Downhiller from Aliso Viejo, CA

Date Reviewed: March 15, 2010

Strengths:    Worked well when I first got it second hand, soaked up hits very well. IT is great when its working. Light weight. 9mm QR on a fork this size is hard to find since Fox switched to the 15mm "standard".

Weaknesses:    Pretty much everything started crapping out on me 6 months after I mounted it. It started with the fork topping out hard. Then one day the seals in the air spring leg decided to blow out and spray oil all over the place. Also not very stiff at all, probably because of the 9mm QR.

Bottom Line:   
To be fair, for the first 4-5 months that I had this fork, it worked Great. Soaked up any hits I threw at it with no problems, though its not very good for small bumps compared to a coil fork.

At around the 6 month mark is when it went downhill. First off, the IT system is a great concept and easy to use. However it is unreliable. I blew the seals on it twice within 2 weeks. Air was escaping through the dust wipers and spraying oil everywhere. When the IT was fully extended the fork would top out very hard with a loud CLUNK. Adjusting rebound didn't help either. The Intrinsic damping literally does NOTHING. Took it in to the local bike shop for a full rebuild and the problems still came back a week later, and Manitou refused to stand behind its product. In the end I put the refunded rebuild money towards a RS Pike, and never looked back. Getting rid of this fork was the best thing I ever did for the bike. Don't even bother with Manipoo forks.

4 Chilis for value because I got it for super cheap, 1 chili overall for crappy quality and support, especially for a fork as expensive as this one (msrp).

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Favorite Trail:   Trabuco Trail

Duration Product Used:   6 months

Price Paid:    $150.00

Purchased At:   Second hand

Similar Products Used:   Marzocchi MX Comp, Rock Shox Pike

Bike Setup:   2003 Specialized Enduro, Avid Elixir R brakes, Rock Shox Pike Coil U-Turn, Fox Float R w/ Itch Switch, Shimano Deore drivetrain

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by shysor a Weekend Warrior from Yehud

Date Reviewed: November 8, 2008

Strengths:    light, long travel, TI is amazing

Weaknesses:    mmm, hard to maintain by myself...

Bottom Line:   
all mountain is my type of ride and that is what you get with this Platinum version. Love it for the easy way you set the length of travel to change, especially when climbing.
But it was expensive at the time.

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Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $800.00

Purchased At:   second hand

Similar Products Used:   just other forks, nothing compares

Bike Setup:   SantaCruz Heckler, xt, Chris king, mavic 819

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Dylan a Weekend Warrior from Calgary

Date Reviewed: November 12, 2007

Strengths:    New CID setup is WAY plusher than the SPV-E. This is a darned light fork for this much travel. Just don't fool yourself into thinking it's a freeride fork (common error). It's a light long fork - for plush, not for pounding. Anybody who says manitou does not stand behind thier products is full of it. They have been awesome to me and always return my call.

Weaknesses:    QUALITY CONTROLL!!!!!!!!! IT shaft has these holes on the side which allow air into the fork while filling and allows air from the top to bottom of the air piston while opperating the IT. These holes are a bit like a cheese grater and are sharp enough to trim my fingernails on. During assembly the shaft seal has to slide either over the cheeze grater or over another burr on the other end of the shaft. Also, as delivered the damper cartrige was not bled properly. The rebound knob is held in with this goofy self tapping screw, much like a wood screw. My fancy billet rebound knob is somewhere on the Ross lake trail by Chateaux louise. I might go looking for it next year.

Bottom Line:   
This fork is great, however there are some qc issues that are biting them in the behind. They have a top of the line product with silly little issues that can potentially cause problems for some people. It's important to remember that the first thing people with a problem will do is come here and give a bad review, while tons of people will be happily riding the mountains and never write a review - to say that half the reviewers had problems is not the same as half the forks have problems. Anybody with some tallent with a wrench can get these things sorted, even if they got a lemmon. If it feels like the intrinsic knob has no effect, you might be short on oil, mine was. If you have one that has problems with the IT, it's fixable. If you have some experience with suspension you can do it yourself, or find an LBS with some experience. The problem with the IT is solved by taking the thing appart and polishing the IT rod. Use 320 grit to get rid of the burrs, then go up the grits 400 to 1000 wet sanding, then polish with some mother's or similar. See if you can get ahold of a new seal kit cause it won't seal with the old ones. (I got one by calling tech support). The whole tech manual is available online to guide you. Another thing - the stock oil weight for the cartridge is 5w, I tried 7.5w hoping to firm up the pedaling a bit, and will be going back to 5w because it was not as plush and rebound is a tad slow at full fast. Some of the reveiws commented on the "platform" being weak on this fork. Probably, consitering that there is none! This fork is meant to be really plush, and ramp up towards the bottom to resist bottoming out. You don't really even get to adjust compression damping, just how deep into the travel it starts to firm up. As for manitou's support - I had an 05 platinum, and it was one of the chronic IT problem forks. My LBS sent it off, and I got back an 06! Can't really complain there (other than I would have prefered an SPV fork). The 06 lasted a few months before repeating the 05 IT failure, and I fixed it the second time and manitou supplied the seals free of charge. (06 IT is IDENTICAL to 05 IT btw, other than the 06 is set up to have more travel) I do not expect any more problems, and it has done a few hundred hard km since rebuild. Anyways, this is getting long - Bottom line- I love the fork. There is nothing else with this much suspension and so little weight. I.T. is awesome once sorted. Intrinsic is really plush, yet rides high and resists diving. The fork tollerates me at 230lbs pounding through rock gardens and roots, not really worrying about the smooth line. It is so plush that it makes me lazy! Manitou in general has really good product for alot less money than the competition. There are the odd bits of tweaking you might need to do, and the odd lemon (every company has them!), but I will stay with manitou because they support their products well, and unlike some other brands, these are user serviceable, and that is very important to me. Five hot turds for value because nixons can be had for so cheap, and 4 overall - one down because you might have to sort some bugs, but manitou will help you do it.

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Favorite Trail:   Rundle riverside

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $500.00

Purchased At:   Bluesky

Similar Products Used:   Marzocchi EXR's, Rockshox Psylo race, 05 Nixon Platinum (spve), Black elite, Black super air.

Bike Setup:   5" faux bar w. swinger 3way out back, light wheels, fat grippy tires, 06 nixon platinum in front (sub 30lb. all day machine)

Overall Rating:2
Value Rating:1
Submitted by mike a Weekend Warrior from alberta canada

Date Reviewed: September 8, 2007

Strengths:    early on in the life of the fork responds well. Multi-ajustable-rebound&damping. Spv performs well.

Weaknesses:    After 1.5 years of use, but not abuse the fork is essentially done. It no longer is responsive, all the plush Great in the store but they cannot take any abuse,(fernie,rossland,vernon,k-country) They feel like s**t. No longer working

Bottom Line:   
These forks are not worth it. Over time the seals go even when maintained. The fork looses it's plushy,squishy feeling no matter what the set up is. They may work for x-country but are not even close to an all mountain fork. SAVE YOUR MONEY!

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Favorite Trail:   rock star

Duration Product Used:   2 Years

Price Paid:    $1000.00

Purchased At:   gravity sports

Similar Products Used:   Marazocchi bomber Z4;DJ1; Rock shock Reba and Judy; Manitou minute 3 and nixon platinum intrinsic.

Bike Setup:   Remedy 66 -2006 stock. 4000.00 dollar bike loaded.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Chandler a Weekend Warrior from Little Rock

Date Reviewed: June 18, 2007

Strengths:    ease of operation (two knobs and one button, also one air valve, and thats it) intrinsic damping is super easy to use compared to other dampers, as i understand it.
qaulity of construction (all metal)
feel of the ride
variablity of infinite travel adjust

Weaknesses:    with the fork itself, for its purpose, none that are apparent at the moment.

the manual could be more comprehensive. I got online and read about all the potential probs with mag lowers and post mount, so I was prepared to install my brakes properly. someone getting the fork who does not realize the potential dangers might well strip out the bolt holes, and ruin their day (and probably the next few days). the manual should have this in big red print on the very first page. i don't mean tossed in with the page full of small print 'waring' crap, but on a page all by itself in a massive, bright red font. i've read too many horror stories on these forums of stripped post mounts. also, the little IT handle was a PITA to figure out how to put together, and there are no specific instructions on how to assemle it and attach the wire properly. it took me more time to put the IT remote together than it took me to actually install the fork. There should be assembly diagrams for this for slow short bus type people like me.

the retail price is a bit high, but you get what you pay for, usually.

Bottom Line:   
who should buy: anyone looking for a top-notch trail fork. this fork is great for anyone who wants a fork that is easy to operate and setup, looks nice, feels nice, and has enough variability to be used on many different terrains. because it is easy to operate and has such great variablity with IT, it is a great fork for people new to MTBing, as they get the feel of different travels on different terrains. at the moment, this exact fork, with QR dropouts, is onsale around the internet for at least $350, maybe a little lower. You can't beat that deal with a stick. if you go a looking, make sure you are getting the 2006 fork though (only one with black stanchions and crown, with silver lowers). avoid the '05, from what i hear.

Who shouldn't buy: anyone wanting a fork for a specific purpose. This fork is really too heavy for XC. It may be OK for all-mountian, but you would at least need it in 20mm thru-axle form.

this fork looks and feels so nice. mine is still new and breaking in, so it feels a little notchy at slow speed over small stuff, but i think it will become more supple as it breaks in. at higher speed or over rough terrian, the fork reacts and feels great. I want to, and am able to, ride all day on it. it feels more stiff than even my old rigid bonty switchblade (that sounds odd, but true). It reacts so good to the terrain that the bike handles much better and is much more surefooted. the damping is hard to adjust without getting the feel of it by doing alot of riding, and the rebound will almost throug you off the bike if its damp is set to low, but once dialed in this fork feels like magic. also, though not related to the ride, the construction looks so solid. the knobs are all metal, with bright metallic hot pink (damping) and blue (rebound), and feel perfect as you turn or click them. the schraeder valve even has a metal valve cover. the mag lowers are a bit weird, this is my first experience with a magnesium constructed durable item. magnesium doesn't really feel like metal, and when thumped has a sound more akin to plastic; mag never feels cold to the touch like metal. apparently though, mag is on par with titanium in strength to weight ratio, and is the lightest structural metal in existance.

for my ratings, I don't have anything to compare it too, so I have to give it a value rating based on what I paid. i've never ridden a $330 dollar fork though to know if this one feels 2.6 times as good. for overall rating, well, i just can't be happier. still i have nothing to compare it to, but i love it. so i must give this fork two full thumbs up.

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Favorite Trail:   any long singletracks with variable stuff on it

Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Price Paid:    $320.00

Purchased At:   ebay

Similar Products Used:   none, this is my first suspension fork. my old fork was a rigid bonty switchblade. i guess compared to that, any suspension fork is going to feel like a million bucks. but this does feel really nice.

Bike Setup:   '07 GF Genesis HT frame
SRAM X.7 drive
XTR hubs mated to Mavic rims
various bonty stuff (crank, seatpost, ect) that came with bike
this fork

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Nir a Racer from Los Angeles

Date Reviewed: April 12, 2007

Strengths:    Stiff, Plush, Very reliable, IT, 20mm Hex, lightweight.

Weaknesses:    Non trusty QR TA, use 5mm Hex wrench instead of.

Bottom Line:   
I put over 250 hours on this fork, at the first month I lost the rebound knob, one call to Manitou and I received a new one next day free of charge.
It recently start leak from the dust seals... one call... free of charge new seals. they even offered full rebuild under warranty but I didn't want to.
Cheer Manitou... best service.

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Favorite Trail:   All around Santa Monica MTN

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $700.00

Purchased At:

Similar Products Used:   Anything

Bike Setup:   Morewood Shova ST

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:5
Submitted by K Rich a Weekend Warrior from SB, CA

Date Reviewed: February 22, 2007

Strengths:    Plush even on small bumps, stiff, adjustable travel, doesnt bob when seated, looks cool, the lightest out there for a 6in fork, QR 20mm axle

Weaknesses:    Does bob when out of the saddle, I cant tell which way to adjust the IT knob and it doesn't seem to change the ride much, stanchions are two different shades of black

Bottom Line:   
I like this fork overall. In fact the only time I really notice it doing anything I don't like is that, compared to the Minute, it bobs quite a bit when hammering out of the saddle. However this fork is so much stiffer and more plush than the Minute that there really is no comparison except steep climbs. There are no markings and no instructions for using the intrinsic damping and I am never positive which direction increases damping. Still, it is the best handling fork I have ever owned and it matches the FXR well in most conditions. The original retail price is rediculous but it is a great deal if bot on clearance (value based on current pricing). My stanchions are two different colors which does not affect function, but does bug me some (quality control?)

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Duration Product Used:   3 months

Price Paid:    $500.00

Purchased At:   with bike

Similar Products Used:   05 Minute 3, Talus 32, psylo

Bike Setup:   Foes FXR 2:1 with good stuff

Overall Rating:1
Value Rating:1
Submitted by Tom Cosgrove a Weekend Warrior from Alta Loma , Ca.

Date Reviewed: January 20, 2007

Strengths:    Great adjustability, looks cool

Weaknesses:    Same old b/s as old nixons, they changed it to an oil bath system and I thought it would be more dependable... Wrong!!
After 3 rides the i/t would not stay down, the fork started topping out and the rebound worked intermitently!!!! Manitou sucks!!!!! Returned it for refund, thanks to Wayne and Jensons.

Bottom Line:   
Manitou needs to do there homework and not experiment on there customers.

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Favorite Trail:   palm cnyn epic

Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Price Paid:    $600.00

Purchased At:   jenson usa

Similar Products Used:   Fox 32,36 vanilla-rebound blew out, talas 35- great so far.
05 minute and nixons- junk requires to much maintanance, sent back 5 times!!!

Bike Setup:   5-spot 28lbs and 06 150 enduro 32lbs.

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:2
Submitted by trimmeri a Weekend Warrior from Jyväskylä, Finland

Date Reviewed: December 27, 2006

Strengths:    Travel adjustment, 9 mm optional axle, small-bump smoothness, and light in its class.

Weaknesses:    In hard hits it may suddenly bottom out but only frequently. Paint job on adjustments. Too much flex on stanchions. DOES NOT WORK WHEN STORED IN SUB-ZERO (Celsius) TEMPERATURES.

Bottom Line:   
Yes, it's a nice allround fork in 5"-6" class and incredibly light. Yes, it has an infinite travel adjustment which works excellently. The fork works better in uphill than downhill.
Wait, what? Isn't it a lightweight trail fork that should help you through gnarly sections in downhill and punish on uphills? Well, yes. But the point is that it has noticeable flex on gnarly descents that does not inspire confidence. Additionally, in sharp spikes it may bottom out suddenly and throw the rider over the bars instantly. Like there is no damping at all! This happens only now and then, and no other fork has ever had such a feature so far.
If the Nixon Platinum IT is stored in winter outside, in freezing temperatures (even a mild -5 degrees celsius will do), you will lose any functionality in the fork. The travel adjustment fails, and when you pump the fork, it will eventually lose its travel until it rides in about 50mm position. It will fix itself though, but it has to be stored in a warm room.
If the fork is stored in warm storage and then ridden in cold, it works ok for at least so long that you can enjoy any ride no matter how long it is (propably under four hours in such cold temperatures anyway). I've ridden it in -12 degrees celsius and it worked ok.

All in all, there should be better progression in hard spikes and it should be able to deal with cold storage environment. Otherwise a perfect match for a long-legged trailbike which has to go uphill also. Which these flaws it's also too expensive.

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Favorite Trail:   All technical trails

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $700.00

Purchased At:

Similar Products Used:   Manitou Minute, Nixon with steel spring, RockShox Pike

Bike Setup:   Specialized Enduro S-Works with SRAM drivetrain, Hayes brakes, Thomson hardware, rear shock Fox DHX Air, wheels Chris King/DT/Mavic X717/Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2,2" (in winter Nokian Freddie's SW 336)

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Outriding a Weekend Warrior from Van, BC

Date Reviewed: September 29, 2006

Strengths:    IT - it's wicked for climbing - pull a wheelie and voila, you're back up to 145mm travel; enough adjustments to dial it in just right.

Weaknesses:    Stickers on the stanchions

Bottom Line:   
Great fork - I had good luck with the Minute on an older bike, which kept me in the Manitou Family. The left stanchion sticker ripped off early on. The right stanchion sticker is coming off next time I ride (it's peeling on the leading edge). Cosmetic I know, but I emailed Manitou and told them my issue, asked if they wanted to send me some replacement stickers - and they never even replied! Nice service.

Fork handles big hits and my 220+ weight well - control it with airpressures and rebound and travel adjustments, and you're setup for a nice rig. I really like the IT adjustment - it makes my 6" (pardon?) climb right.

I'm knocking off a couple chilli's, because in this day and age, the manufacturer should respond to emails.

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Favorite Trail:   All of BC

Duration Product Used:   6 months

Similar Products Used:   Minute, Judy

Bike Setup:   Ellsworth Moment

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by kevin kelly a Weekend Warrior from morongo valley ca.

Date Reviewed: July 3, 2006

Strengths:    Much stronger than 05 minute,small bump sensitivity exellent,better tunability, IT system works great.

Weaknesses:    seems like the fork gets stiffer on long rough descents.

Bottom Line:   
This fork balanced my bike and gave me the ride I was looking for.Great small bump sensitivity,big hit capable,
and enough platform for allday rides.After having problems with my minute forks,Answer gave the best customer service
possible and sent the new fork free of charge! I'd recommend
this fork to anyone looking for a 6" single crown fork with great adjustability and ride qaulity and a company who backs up there products!

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Favorite Trail:   llama trail sedona az.

Duration Product Used:   6 months

Price Paid:    $1.00

Purchased At:   palm springs cyclery

Similar Products Used:   04 minute 3 05 minute 1

Bike Setup:   05 foes fxr,6" travel curnutt shock with ti spring,xtr drivetrain,shifters and brakes,mavic crossmax xl wheels,thompson seatpost,specialized bg seat,titec c3 bars and stem, 8" front rotor 6" rear, kenda dtc 2.1 nevegal tires.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Kaku Ito a Downhiller from Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Date Reviewed: March 30, 2006

Strengths:    Light, right amount of durable construction for trail bike, suspension works very supple while Intrinsic cartridge takes care of the hard pedaling, relatively short under crown length, quick release thru axe, effective adjustments on each features, bottoming control.

Weaknesses:    No seperate adjustment for Intrinsic damping?? The damping adjustment also influence intrinsic damping?? Not sure for now, but the manual provides very limited information. Their website does not provide most current tech documents.

Bottom Line:   
With Iron Horse's DW-link and 5th air, my rear is very firm under hard pedaling, not that supple maybe but sucks the necessary bumps when it is needed, but I had to either lock the front suspension for hard pedaling. Pike 454 Dual Air was the closest to what I wanted, being firm for pedaling and supple when it has to suck, but I could not get the fork adjusted to be perfect for me, either becomes too firm but nice for pedaling, or too supple so pedal bob was too much.
With Nixon Platinum Intrinsic, only using it for two days, alread tuned to have good enough platform damping while being very supple for even small bumps.
It does not seem to be able to make the platform damping strong (no adjustment?) and positive air to be kept low for more supple feel, but I will tweak that little more. Maybe oil selection might give me different feel, but even with very short period of time, I'm liking Nixon better than Pike. Nothing actually wrong with Pike but what I need, Nixon suits better.

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Favorite Trail:   Takamineyama

Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Price Paid:    $900.00

Purchased At:   Fuma Shinjuku

Similar Products Used:   RockShox Pike Dual Air, Pike 454 Dual Air, Marzocchi Z150FR SL, Foxforx Float RL

Bike Setup:   Iron Horse mkIII Team frame with 5th Air, mavic 823 w/DT AlpineIII spokes and Hadley hubs, Nokian XXX UST tires, Saint Brakes, XT cranks with e•thirteen dual ring security, SRAM X.0 rear mech and shifters, X generation front mech, sram chain, PG990 cog, xpedo mx3 pedals, dangerboy SR71 50mm reach stem, answer protaper scandium bar, ODI lockjaws with raceface grips, dangerboy brake lever for shimano, raceface XY seatpost, Bontrager saddle.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by erling brabaek a Cross Country Rider from el paso, texas

Date Reviewed: March 20, 2006

Strengths:    smooth reaction to all kind of bumps. This time also the small ones. Tuning capability

Weaknesses:    Took a while to get to this level of performance

Bottom Line:   
I drove all last year with the 05 nixon. Had my share of problems with the fork. All the stuff that was writen about the fork happened to me. I hovever liked the relation ship with answer products. They hung in there as well NOT abandoming their customers. The new fork is a lot simpler built..Les to go wrong... and it acomplishes the same and then some. The IT, due to new design, doesnt drop by ITself anymore. The rebound damper is a carthridge design. No spv valves to lube every 300 miles. It it VERY user service friendly. Gone are the spv pressure adjustment. Say hi to intrinsic dampening. On the top right leg is a valve that controls what part of the stroke to dampen more. It turns 180 degrees so it can be done on the fly. I kind of use it like i use the propedal on my rp3.Works VERY WELL. It apeared that the 05 model had lots of pain. I can attest to that. I can not underscore how satisfied i am with this new fork. If you had a run in with last years model and turned sour, talk to your dealer. All new part from the 06 fits in the 05`s housing. I belive answer are willing to help. If you are new to the nixon,dont bother with the 05. Instead grap the 06 and run like you stole it. You will newer look back.

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Favorite Trail:   horse thief bench

Duration Product Used:   3 months

Price Paid:    $1.00

Purchased At:   answer products

Similar Products Used:   05 nixon

Bike Setup:   yeti 575,xo`s, deus avid carbons

Reviews 1 - 13 (13 Reviews Total)

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Manitou Minoute 4(06) or Nixon Platinum Intrinsic(06) preference

I am looking for feedback about these two forks, from currant users. The nixon is more apealing to me, due to the more travel(of course with size comes weight). But I am interested in reliability, Intrinsic over SPV, and any other differances/benefits you care to share. Thanks, D-Read More »

07 Nixon Platinum Intrinsic

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How does Maintou Nixon Platinum Intrinsic's red dial work for you?

How does Maintou Nixon Platinum Intrinsic's red dial work for you? To me, the difference in adjusting the red dial is very subtle. Can't really tell, if I'm chaging the bottom control nor platform position. How does it work for you?Read More »

Parts to convert an '05 Nixon Platinum to '06 Cartridge Intrinsic?

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