White Brothers Recumbent 2005 Front Shocks

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White Brothers is the only option for high quality suspension for your Tandem, recumbent, or recumbent tandem. We use the same stiff, strong 32mm platforms, but have custom tuned the spring and damping systems to accommodate for the different weighting applications these disciplines require.

  • RC.8 (80mm travel) features a highly tunable air spring system
  • 32mm aluminum stanchion tubes

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    Turn an old recumbent stationary bike into a trainer?

    I have an old stationary piece of crap that looks similar to this: [url]http://www.amazon.ca/Exerpeutic-1111-Extended-Capacity-Recumbent/dp/B005OU4E1M/ref=sr_1_3?s=sports&ie=UTF8&qid=1398218966&sr=1-3&keywords=Exerpeutic[/url] Do you think with some clever work it could be turned into a bike train ... Read More »

    Recumbent Trike for touring?

    Anyone tried a Recumbent Trike for touring? Stumbled across these today and have been looking into them, pretty expensive but seem like they would be great for all day bike expeditions? The [URL="http://www.icetrikes.co/explore-our-trikes/adventure#"]ICE Adventure[/URL] ones look pretty good but ... Read More »

    Cogito recumbent cargo/tandem fully

    I would love to see a fat e-bike version.Read More »

    I rode a recumbent mountain bike!

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]873218[/ATTACH] I had what I presume is a rare opportunity to ride a recumbent mountain bike -- never even saw one before much less ridden one -- so thought I would share. I only rode it up and down the street -- didn't get to try it on the trails, which us probably a good thing. ... Read More »

    Anyone in Santa Fe with a recumbent ? (recovering from surgery)

    Hey All. I had ankle surgery on both sides about 4 months ago. The healing process is going alot slower than I expected and I can't ride my mtn bikes right now. The upright position puts too much weight and stress into my ankle joints at this point in my recovery. I can use a stationary bike at ph ... Read More »

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