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K2 Ghetto 2004 BMX

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Tubeless ghetto style

Just set about turning a tire into a tubeless one and hit a snag. I believe my brew is good, but I can't get air to stay in the tire. Could this be an issue with not using a compressor or I'm wondering if there is any kind of list available with known tires that don't work for the tubeless swap. I'm ... Read More »

Having trouble going ghetto tubeless with 29" maddux DC3.0 and WTB nineline 2.0

I just got done following mbrmagazine's youtube video ([url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByBAItDM3Ws]How To: Tubeless mountain bike set up on the cheap - YouTube[/url]) on how to go ghetto tubeless. I followed the video exactly but I've run into trouble. Before adding sealant I attempted to test w ... Read More »

27.5 ghetto

I'm wondering if 26 in. tubes will work to ghetto 650b's..... anyone?Read More »

BB30 Bearings Ghetto Install

Looks like I overtightened the locking nut on my Afterburner crankset and ruined one of the BB30 bearings. I don't have the press fit tool to install a new set. Would it be wise to just use a large nut, bolt and washers to do the install?Read More »

"Ghetto" tubeless. Could it be the dumbest name ever?

Ok, hear me out here. This conversion needs a different name, badly. Anything has to be better. Really. I fail to see how a tubeless conversion done on the cheap to a bicycle that costs (generally) more than a thousand dollars is a "ghetto" thing. "cheap" tubeless "lazy" tubeless "anythingbu ... Read More »

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