Titus FCR 2003 Hardtail

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While other companies offer "Custom" titanium framesets, few, if any, go to the lengths that Titus does to create your own work of titanium art. Geometry, tube diameters, and frames sizes from mini to mega, the Full Custom Racer is truly built for your body, riding style, experience and future expectations. Geared, single-speed, and cruiser frame styles, with "Riddler" switchable dropout options are available to your hearts desire. What do you want? We will make it happen at Titus.

The Full Custom Racer frame is available in geared or singlespeed configurations.

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Magura Thor FCR troubleshooting help

All, the Thor worked well when new, but recently it's been uncooperative. I'm trying to understand if that is just the way these forks are after some use. The main problem is that small bump compliance is abysmal when the fork is in the 140mm setting. If I shorten the travel it works much better, e ... Read More »

Magura Laurin FCR 130 service questions

I'm getting ready to do a service (clean, inspect, oil change) on my FCR 130 and have a couple of questions. 1. What types/weights of oil is used and where? 2. What amounts of oils are used? Thanks in advance!!Read More »

Geared Dropouts for FCR, Eleven, Fireline

Hey, anyone know where I can buy just the drive side geared dropout (derailleur hanger) for a Titus FCR, Eleven or Fireline? Broke one earlier this year and Titus would only sell me the pair (both sides) for $80. :madman: Needless to say I didn't buy 2 so I'd have a spare and now I find myself ... Read More »

Durin 120, Laurin FCR 130, or Thor 140?

So, on my Mojo SL I'm runnin a 2007 Fox Talas RLC 100-120-140 fork and it just doesnt feel right. I dont have the confidence I think I should have in the front end and I always keep it at 120. On 100 the fork is way too soft with too much sag and 140 it is too stiff with too little and it's clicky o ... Read More »

Anyone replace FCR lever on their Thor/Wotan?

Mine hasn't broken yet but it's just a matter of time, it is also poorly designed and difficult to reach. I have heard of other using the PopLoc and pushloc levers instead but it seems like they need to be modified not to be locked in position (the cable should be released the second the lever is re ... Read More »

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