K2 Bike Hoe 2003 BMX

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Bike related: Jo to Hoe 2014

Thought I would share: I with 5 other Homies just finished riding from Downtown San Jose to Lake Tahoe. Our usual route is pretty close to how the crow flies BUT this year we decided to take a another route that included almost 100 extra miles (350ish in total) and an extra day (4 in total) [A ... Read More »

Rogue Hoe breaking

Our club and some trail works have bought several Rogue Hoes for work on our sanding type soil trails. We have broken several of them where the plate just breaks in half. I was using one last weekend and digging in the ground on one lift the front half of the plate just fell off. Any one else having ... Read More »

Hoe long does shimano XT parts last?

I would like to know how long Shimano XT cassettes and front blades typically last? I just had my bike in for a service at my LBS its only done 2700Km The shop told me my chain and front blades and casket needs to be replaced I have never had chain slip and can not see any visible wear and tear Does ... Read More »

Getting in touch with Rogue hoe

Hey all I have been trying to get a response from Rogue Hoe for over a week now. I am trying to purchase about 6 items but they dont seem to be getting back to me. Has anyone experienced this with them? I really want to get my hands on there stuff. Does anyone know of any retailers in Ontario ... Read More »

Rogue Hoe -- handle length?

We are beginning a trail project here in Munising, and I am thinking to buy one or two Rogue Hoes. Egads! They come in different handle lengths. It's the angst of frame sizing all over again. ;) Does anyone have experience using the different lengths? I can choose 40", 48", and 54". How to de ... Read More »

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