Merlin XLM 2002 Hardtail

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Merlin XLM frame number HELP PLEASE

Hello I am thinking of buying a 2003 Merlin XLM frame. Can anyone tell me if the frame number M73730 would be appropriate for a bike of this age? My concern is that pre-2000, XLM's frame numbers were formatted XM1234. Also, the Merlin Mountain had exactly the same geometry so I want to be ... Read More »

650b on Merlin XLM

Considering doing a 650b conversion on my XLM as I need a new wheelset. In reading the 26 vs. 650b vs. 29er debates I'm still unclear on the advantage of a medium volume 650b x 2.1 (necessary to fit the rear stays) compared to a larger volume 26 tire, as they both have about the same diameter.Read More »

Merlin XLM 25th Anniversary Frame

Hi All :) I need your help once again. I am thinking about buying a Merlin XLM frame - if I can find one :confused: But I am not so into MTB since I do 99,99 % of my training on the road. I would like to know what frame size that would the best for me. I know that some of the answers ... Read More »

21 XLM's....overkill or no

A fellow DIYer on another board posted a link to a 7 XLM'S board that he indicated "2 on the bars and 1 on the helmet should do nicely." Doing the math, driven at 3A, that's a nominal 6,300 Lm per light x 3 lights....say 19,000 Lm. I'm thinking that'd be serious in whiting out tra ... Read More »

Merlin XLM rigid fork help

I have a 1996 Merlin XLM s/n 13024 that I'm trying to find out what rigid fork would be proper and period correct for the frame, It is set up for an 1"1/8 thread less steer tube. I've seen some posts about Merlin using Ritchey logic forks, would that have been a steel fork? and what A/C measure ... Read More »

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