Fuji Dynamic 2002 Full Suspension

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Suspension design and dynamic BB height

This may be a rather vague and stupid question but how much BB drop would one expect with different suspension designs once sagged and riding. When I look at the geo of a bike and say "wow, that's a low BB, it should rail the corners", maybe I am not being conscious of how different designs affec ... Read More »

HDR- High Dynamic Range Photos Post Them!

A lot of people don't know about HDR Photography but its pretty fun to do if you have the patience.Read More »

Whats your dynamic Duo?

Peanut butter and jelly, green eggs and ham, these tings go together. Lets get specific, with pictures of your beer pairing. Gooooo. Mine: [IMG]http://static.neatoshop.com/images/product/55/655/Stone-IPA-Tumbler_2559-l.jpg?v=2559[/IMG] and [IMG]http://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/ph ... Read More »

Dynamic Mountain Bikes?

Any of you seen/ridden one? I would love to not only have no derailleurs but no chain too?! [url]http://www.dynamicbicycles.com/bicycles/outbackelite8.php[/url]Read More »

A somewhat "undynamic" experience – review of Dynamic Bicycle Crosstown 8

Since I moved to hilly and rainy Bergen, Norway, in 2004 I saved money to buy a new bike that is better fit to an environment that almost constantly is wet and salty – especially in winter. The chain of my old >40000km-ridden '97 Bergamont Fluxus was suffering a lot, with a constant need for greasin ... Read More »

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