POC Sports Short Bike Socks

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The POC Short Bike Sock features merino wool fabric for superior moisture management and odor reduction. A classic POC logo adorns the top of this ankle-height riding sock.

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The short, cheap bike trip that cost me six months and $35,000. With video!

Angle Fire bike park, 4th of july weekend. The park was pretty amazing, the've done a great job with the trails out there, but the majority of it was outside my comfort zone. I'm not a skilled jumper by any means, so alot of the thrill of riding this park wasn't there for me. But it doesn't mean ... Read More »

Bike Suggestions for Short Women

Hey All, Just curious about some ideas for a new bike for my wife. She is just shy of 5'2 and currently rides an XS Yeti 575. It has been a good bike for her, but wondering if there is something newer that might be worth upgrading to. Preferably something on the lighter side of things, ... Read More »

New Bike Help, short Budget

I am looking to purchase a new bike for myself. I am looking to spend $300-$400 maybe $450. I am primarily riding with my wife, five year old, and one year old attached to my bike. I mainly ride on a paved trail. 1. Should I get a 700 hybrid bike or a 26" MTB? I don't plan on much trail riding ... Read More »

bike fit for short torso/long legs questions

I've been playing with my bike fit for the past couple months. I'm 5' 10.5" with a 34" inseam without shoes. so I think I have a pretty short torso. is handlebar height determined by torso length or just flexibility? I originally had my bars 2" higher and I've been slowly lowering them. they ar ... Read More »

Beefiest Short Travel 26" FS for E-bike

I am gonna build an E-bike and I need some opinions on the most robustly built short travel (<5") FS 26 inch frame/bike that comes at a reasonable price ~ $1200/frame or ~ $2000/complete. Any and all advice or criticism requested! Not ruling out a HT, but exploring the FS route a bit before I comm ... Read More »

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