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DeFeet SkiD Socks

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Product Description

  • StayFast Cuff
  • Sole2 souble-sided sole construction
  • Low bulk multi-directional shin pad
  • Merino Wool Comfort Top Cuff

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What is up with all the skid kiddies?!

I did Downieville 4 weekends ago. Sunrise, Butcher, Pauley, Third etc. It was buffed, in great shape. Sunrise was especially sweet with just a few snow spots. Went back yesterday - Sunrise is already beat to $#!+ as is a lot of Third. Huge braking bumps leading up to any kind of feature - some of th ... Read More »

new WFO9 skid plate?

I order a new WFO 9 today. It looks like the pivot and low bottom bracket could take a good beating. Is it possible to put a skid plate on there? Anyone have one yet?Read More »

Skid / bash guard for bay area?

I always had a bash ring on my bikes (3 ring cranks with the bash replacing the big ring). Now with 1x10 Tallboy I am thinking of getting a lower skid / taco fixed to the frame that will protect the 28T ring and the linkage from bottom hits. At the same time, its 28T and should not hit as much as t ... Read More »

Skid kiddies invade Tamarancho!!

Sparky and I rode the usual lap at Tamarancho today, along with two runs down the Flow Trail. Good times. But something concerns me. There is a crapload of trail damage from folks dragging their back wheels around the corners, and the braking bumps/holes are huge! I have never seen Tamarancho is ... Read More »

Simple/lightweight bashguard/skid for XX1 with ISCG05 tabs?

I'm running XX1 and am looking for something simple and lightweight to protect the chainring from strikes when things get gnarly. I've seen a "rock ring" made by North Shore that looks decent and runs 60g but apparently doesn't fit XX1 cranks. Since my bike (Turner Burner) has ISCG05 tabs I can al ... Read More »

Read More »




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