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Lycra vs Baggies: Lycra 1, Baggies 0

This has happened before... [ATTACH=CONFIG]903095[/ATTACH] Not sure if I hooked the seat or what (no falls this time out!), but I think I need new ones. :) -FRead More »

Baggies for a convert?

I'm moving from XC to AM and feeeling the pressure to drop my lycra bibs and fitted jerseys. I've tried baggies before and my concern is the shorts getting caught up on my saddle when I move behind it on technical descents. What are some good, not too expensive, AM shorts recommendations?Read More »

HALP! I need of baggies that fit, um, hips.

Heya ladies.. I know we approached this subject before, but I need baggies :( I ripped my Fox Sargeant (size 36), so I'm down to two pair of shorts that fit for now. I'm in the process of losing weight--yes PROCESS.. everything fits weird now (don't get me started on Levi's and their BS fitting ty ... Read More »

Baggies for the heat?

Do y'all have any suggestions/favorites for baggy shorts in the hot hot weather? I have learned that spandex is not as hot, but... Thanks everyone, TRRead More »

XC baggies..which ones?

I am looking for some XC baggies. What I want is a more fitted short that isn't too long. I have Endura Humvees now...a little too "ballistic" if you get my drift.Read More »

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