ONE Industries Atom Shorts

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Switchback atom smasher technique?

Im looking to get better on the flowy downhill switchbacks. I love the art of when i can let off the brakes,& rocket out of the turns,feeling the suspension compress,& release. The g-force gives me a rush that i cant get enough of. Anyone else get this passion/buzz? Thanks for the dope.Read More »

'98 marzocchi z2 atom oil change question

have a 98 z2 atom and haven't changed the oil since 03. seals started leaking as the bike was in storage. grabbed a new set of seals and 7w fork oil at the local motocross shop.. now the question. i could have swore there was a dry cc amount for this fork and i THINK it's 80cc's [url=http://ww ... Read More »

To rebuild or not to rebuild my Marzocchi Bomber Atom Race 2001?

For the last few years I have been rigid and single. I'm thinking now about putting back together my RM Hammer to its mostly original state, right now it's in a rigid fork drop bar mode. I mostly ride other wheels, but I used to have so much fun on this 26er. The big question is whether or not to re ... Read More »

Z2 Atom Sport Rebuild

I don't know if this belongs here or in the classics, but I've got a Marzocchi Z2 Atom Sport that needed a rebuild because the right leg was losing air. Stanchions and bushings are still great. Left leg had plenty of oil. Right leg was almost dry. The right leg has some kind of adjuster mechan ... Read More »

Atom Lab Aircorps need rebuild - DU Bushing source?

I need to rebuild my Atom Lab Aircorp pedals. I have an older pair uses a bearing and DU Bushing and a newer pair uses only DU bushings. I can get the bearing no problem but cant seem to locate an actual source to order the DU bushings. Any recommendations? Looking for: 12mm ID x 14mm OD x ... Read More »

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