Oakley Spiral Shorts

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Specifically designed for mountain biking the Oakley Spiral Short has an inseam length that's over a foot--13 inches to be exact so while these shorts don't necessarily look like anything typical you don't look like you're wearing golf-style knickers either. The Spiral sports a durable and stretchy combination of rugged nylon and resilient Spandex so these shorts move with you without putting restraints on your range of motion. The inner mesh liner and multi-density foam chamois are attached to this short so if you want something with a removable mesh liner.

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Spiral malleolus...

I thought I'll never post here, but, hem, finally at 37 years old I brake my first bone. Pulling a ridiculous wheeling on my Bill Davidson I was late to grab the rear brake, and tip backwards, put my left foot down (like I surely did 869 times before), and I hear the sound of an old branch cracking ... Read More »

Spiral Feature at Trestle

What's the name of the wooden spiral feature off to the right of Boot Camp? What's the name of the trail, and does anyone have any photos or videos of the entry into it?Read More »

Socialist oil death spiral

Article published Nov 6, 2007 Socialist oil death spiral November 6, 2007 Richard W. Rahn - Socialism always plants the seeds of its own destruction, and state-owned oil is no exception. Most people do not realize that about 90 percent of the world's liquid oil reserves are controlled by ... Read More »

Found A Purple Spiral Memo Book On The Trail

I found your Purple Spiral Memo book, folded sheet of printed phone numbers and pen on the singletrack 1 turn below Palo Comado (above Sheppard's Flats) yesterday afternoon. E-mail me & I'll get it 2 U.Read More »

double spiral CCFL DICHROIC LAMP

Hi Guys Has anyone played with these? double spiral CCFL DICHROIC LAMP [url]http://www.ultraleds.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=50&products_id=1091[/url] Its designed for 240V AC (UK Mains voltage) I think, but u can get inverters to conver 12V DC to 240ac. (I Know i will have to be carefu ... Read More »

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