Fox Head Combine Shorts

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Leave the weenie-hammocks to the roadies. The Fox Racing Combine Bike Short supplies buckets of comfort without subjecting your riding buddies to views of bulges that will give them night-terrors.

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Can I combine SLX shifter and XT brake lever? Hang SLX shifter off XT Brake Lever?

It looks like you can combine the XT brake lever with a shifter lever so you don't need two mounts. Can I do this with the SLX shifter and XT lever?Read More »

Fox Combine Short: NOT a Haiku

Fox Combine short: why is your liner padding brown? Never understood why. Raced a steep downhill today, clipped a tree with my handlebar. Now I understand.Read More »

Elegant way to combine XX Shifter with XTR Brake?

Couldn't quite find a match in the forum so far, but some folks must have this combo. I'm about to swap out the (overly finicky) XX WC brakes on my Epic with new XTRs. I'm moving to a 1x setup, so I'll only need the rear shifter on the bar. Is there a nice way to combine the XTR brake and X ... Read More »

Combine GPS data and POV video

I'd like to introduce to MTBR community site that can combine GPS data and POV video in one 3D player. Final effect here: [url=]Road downhill on Player[/url] [IMG][/IMG] What is needed to ... Read More »

combine fit files

this weekend I raced a 25 hr solo race. I used a garmin 500 for the first ~10 hours and a 800 for the remaining time. I now have two fit files. They are essentially one workout. I would like to combine them. Nothing I have tried does this. Any suggestions? gRead More »

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