Ellsworth XC Short Shorts

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Product Description

  • Soft Lycra fabric
  • Leg grippers and padded chamois

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Best performing light, short travel XC, FS, 26" - 650b conversions

I'm beginning to look for my next mountain bike. I'm wondering if I can happily get away with going low budget. I love bikes, but I am 52 and have young kids, so even what I would consider a low budget of $2,000 on a personal toy is hard to justify. I like light, flickable, epic bikes, I am not g ... Read More »

Is 23 pounds considered heavy for a modern WW short travel XC bike?

I would really like your opinion. EDIT: That would be a short travel FS XC bike.Read More »

Training/Time/Speed for XC Short Track

[url=http://www.louisvilleshorttrack.com]2013 Louisville MTB Short Track Series[/url] so I'm going to make this my first race and hopefully do the entire series. I've been researching and what I'm finding is the course is about 3/4 mile long, the race is about 20 minutes for the beginner class. Wha ... Read More »

Newbie but not 100%.. questions about short track XC.

So, I rode MTB for years and growing up. At 18 I switched over to racing motocross. In Feb 2012 I fractured 5 vertebrae and being 28, decided to give it up. I'm now 29 going on thirty and I'm getting back into MTB. I wont even talk about the used bike I got because it doesn't matter, it's mine and f ... Read More »

Best xc/am bike for a short woman

My girlfriend is about 5'0" - 100lbs and I want to start researching a xc/am full suspension rig for her. She absolutely flies uphill but is struggling on the descents right now with her old stumpjumper hardtail that still has vbrakes. Would love to be able to find something for $2K or less if pos ... Read More »

Read More »




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