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Gore tex shoe covers / booties for flipper

I've been searching far and wide for shoe covers for my size 52 shoes so I can commute through the winter. Cue the sad Charlie Brown tune. Well, the Gore XXL shoe cover fits like a champ. May not be ideal for MTB use but will help. Happy day!Read More »

Rides ranging from low 30s to low 20s, booties/shoe covers worth buying or no?

I'm going to be putting in more time in over the next few months that I have in the past few winters and need to not let the temps hold me back. I have all the gear needed to easily ride in the low 20s (possibly the upper teens), [B]EXCEPT[/B] for my feet. I do run clipless and am not planning on sw ... Read More »

Warmest. Booties. Evah?

Looking for some really warm booties to put over my Lake boots. What can you all nominate as the warmest booties ever.* * For use SPD cleated shoes, and not so wide they rub on my cranks.Read More »

Booties vs Wool/Neoprene Socks

I went for a frosty ride the other night...the only bad thing was my toes...1/2 my foot felt frozen by the time all of us finished...some of the guys wore booties and they said their toes were frozen too...so Ive got these gator socks they are neoprene I think...and I prolly need to try them..anyway ... Read More »

Booties vs waterproof socks for AM mtb'ing

This probably has been discussed before, so apoligize for repeat. Just curious what year-round trail riders in inclement weather prefer. I don't wear tights when riding, typically long shorts or 3/4 length in fall/winter/spring with wide Shimano AM-45 shoes w/cleats. I ride in pacific NW that typ ... Read More »

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