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Sidi Drako Shoes

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Product Description

What do you get when you combine the newest Sidi technology with a shoe that's won multiple World Cups? Simple, the Drako SRS Shoes. Replacing the venerable Dragon 3, the Drako (Latin for dragon) makes use of the new Techno 3 buckle system, a sleek, breathable design, and the new Drako SRS Carbon Soles. Altogether, Sidi has slashed 100 grams from the Dragon 3 while making the comfort and efficiency of the Drako design leaps and bounds ahead of any other mountain shoe on the market. Basically, the Drako plays by another set of rules, and accordingly, the game won't ever be the same.While the Dragon 3 utilizes three different closure systems, the Drako is based around a single system -- the new Tecno 3 buckle, yet another great innovation from Sidi. Most notably, adjustments of each of the shoe's instep and forefoot buckles is significantly more intuitive and easier to do while in-the-saddle. Loosening each buckle is a simple affair -- you can pinch both buttons on either side of the buckle to unwind the line closure, or you can alternatively toggle each button for extremely precise incremental adjustment. Tightening the shoe should also be familiar: just open the buckle's switch and wind the buckle. Sidi uses a supple, but low-friction, line material to keep the buckle action smooth. Not only does the Tecno 3 make the shoe's overall aesthetic even cleaner, but it also allows for an even greater degree of micro adjustability and fit consistency across the entire shoe. This ensures that you get the perfect fit every single time you buckle up for a ride. And for those who prefer as snug a fit as possible, the shoe's tongue and instep strap have both been padded generously to allow for supreme comfort with tight buckles.For a difference that you'll feel on the first pedal stroke, Sidi gave the Drako the all new Drako Carbon SRS Sole. This sole not only shaves 100 grams from the Dragon, but it also achieves equilibrium between comfort, efficiency, and durability. To do so, Sidi designed the sole around a durable nylon frame. The carbon fiber, as well as the SRS tread, are actually bolted down, replaceable inserts that attach to the frame. This provides a slight flex along the length of the foot without compromising the overall rigidity of the sole. Through this distinct design, the sole allows a fierce power transfer without risking the loss of circulation in the feet from being too rigid.Also returning from previous top-shelf offerings is Sidi's vastly improved Heel Security System (or HSS) to keep your foot positively planted in the shoe. By means of a small allen key, it's an adjustable, rigid composite band that closes the shoe more securely over your heel to anchor it in place around your Achilles. So, no matter how much power you're pouring into the pedals, your heel will stay in place inside the shoe. It's a detail that allows you to cinch down the straps of your shoes less tightly -- giving you more comfort along with more security.Wi

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User Reviews

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:3
Submitted by Jartsu a Cross Country Rider

Date Reviewed: July 19, 2016

Strengths:    Light, stiff, fit, made in Italy

Weaknesses:    Race day only

Bottom Line:   
Excellent shoe for racing and less technical trails. If you need to walk a lot then this is not a shoe for you. I have previously had similar racing shoes from Shimano and Specialiced and Sidi's are definetly better. I use these also with my road bike and they work well also there.

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Duration Product Used:   3 months

Price Paid:    $250.00

Purchased At:   XXL

Similar Products Used:   Racing shoes from Shimano

Bike Setup:   Several

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Cayenne_Pepa a Cross Country Rider

Date Reviewed: May 27, 2016

Strengths:    ~ Board stiff, for direct power transfer
~ Replaceable sole lugs
~ Achilles brace(HSS) keeps heel inside shoes
~ SIDI pioneered wire retention, long before BOA existed
~ Easy to clean Lorica Vernice material breathes well
~ Excellent foot coverage and protection
~ Rubber toe cap simply works

Weaknesses:    ~ No insole arch support
~ Car payment entry price
~ Lacks anti-slip midsole feature
~ Dutch clog feel, while walking

Bottom Line:   
I'm coming from 2009 SIDI Dominator 5s which were comfy - but I did not like the minimalist, Ballerina slipper fit and weeds mucking-up the exposed Velcro. The worst part about buying new MTB shoes....is the shopping around/demo part. After all said and done, the Drako(Latin for Dragon) was the clear winner. It fit the best and shiny Vernice(Italian for Varnish) looks as sexy as patent leather tap shoes....lol.

Three inherent weaknesses was addressed by: a) Switched insole to Specialized BG black insole, as the paper-thin Comfort footbed lacked a good arch support; b) Installed 11mm short Cyclocross stainless toe spike, to counter the premature toe lug wear, under dry, rocky desert conditions I ride in; c) Had shoe cobbler glue a 1.8mm thin Vibram rubber sole pad to cover the exposed carbon midsole, so clipless pedal doesn't slip like it's on greased ice. These changes made ALL the difference in the world, as the shoe now performs and lasts close to the old Dominators now. I simply transformed a purpose-built XC race shoe into a lightweight Trail shoe. It was worth the extra $60 expense!

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Favorite Trail:   Idyllwild Hub

Duration Product Used:   3 Years

Price Paid:    $200.00

Purchased At:   Bro Deal

Similar Products Used:   ~ Specialized S-Works XC
~ Giro Code VR70 Easton
~ Shimano SH-XC90
~ Bont Vaypor
~ Scott MTB Premium
~ Bontrager Rhythm
~ SIDI Dragon 4 SRS
~ Lake MX237
~ Northwave Discover Extreme XC
~ Gaerne Carbon G Kobra
~ Vittoria Ikon Offroad
~ Mavic Fury

Bike Setup:   2012 Trek Superfly 100 Pro - XX1, Absolute Black oval, carbon everything imaginable

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by james

Date Reviewed: June 5, 2014

Strengths:    Sidi quality
Carbon sole
Adjustability of shoe with ratchets

Weaknesses:    The price is a little hard to swallow, but.....
Would not want to hike too far in them due to stiffness, but realized that when I bought them.

Bottom Line:   
Before I bought these shoes, I read numerous reviews about them and think the other two reviews on this site are a little harsh. I have a set of carbon Sidi road shoes and realized that the Sidi Drako shoes would be very stiff!
I will always buy Sidi shoes due to the quality of the shoe and also, I have a narrow foot and they always fit my foot well.
As I stated before, these shoes are really stiff and transfer the power to the pedal in a very efficient manner. I have noticed with the carbon sole that I have can feel what the bike is doing more (please do not think I am crazy) versus the older plastic soled Sidi shoes that I had.
I also enjoy the ratcheting mechanism to loosen or tighten the shoe-- trust me when I say that you can cut the blood off to your feel by making them too tight. And yes, I ride in all condition such as mud, fine dirt etc. and have not had any problems.
One thing that is a downer about these shoes is the overall price, but I got them at near cost and know that I will be riding them for the next 4 plus years, so can live with what I paid for them.
I would definitely recommend to others if they would swallow the cost...

Overall Rating:2
Value Rating:2
Submitted by Reilly a Cross Country Rider

Date Reviewed: July 15, 2013

Strengths:    Very stiff, comfortable, carbon sole dampens vibrations much better than plastic. Hand made, not in china. Very good looking.

Weaknesses:    Extremely fragile (this is a mountain shoe!?), very stupid design decisions left and right. Sometimes I wonder if and how they even tested this shoe.

Bottom Line:   
I'm torn when it comes to the Drako. Its very stiff and transfers power well giving a connected feeling with the bike. Its also comfortable if you are lucky enough to guess your size right. But since the shoe only exists on the internet I don't really know how good of a fit I could have got. I am very disappointed with this shoe overall, but how much of that is my own fault is the question. It is very fragile, if you regularly ride trails with loose rocks and boulders, forget about it, get something else. The material is already wearing away on the outside toe on both shoes. I've used them for about 15 rides, hiking with them about 100 feet total, and clipped out maybe 6 times total. But hey, its a race shoe meant for stiffness and light weight, I guess its not supposed to be durable. If you ride in an area with any dust, do not buy the Drako. Both ratcheting mechanisms get contaminated with dirt after one ride, and after three or four rides you can barely get the mechanism to release. You have to fight with the stupid things just to get the shoe off. How they missed that one during testing is beyond me. The shoes interfere with something on both my bikes, I have average sized feet; 10.5 U.S. On one bike the plastic inner tail of the upper strap hits the crank arm on every revolution. On my other bike the bulky plastic adjuster on the back hits my derailuer cable and chain stay on most revolutions. This bike is an Epic which would likely be the target type of rider for a shoe like this. So maybe if you ride just hard pack with no dust, never clip out, and happen to have a bike that fits this shoe, you could perhaps enjoy it quite a bit. However, you cant find the Drako anywhere to try it on or look at it, and its fits differently than the Dominator, so don't bother trying that model to decipher how the Drako will fit you. I want to love them, being that I'm the sucker who payed big bucks for shoes that have become my winter/backup shoes. I can accept the fact that I am maybe not the right rider for a all out race design, so I don't fault them for being fragile. But the poor design of the ratcheting mechanisms and all the other crap hanging off these $450 shoes earns them a solid 2 stars.

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Favorite Trail:   North Burma at Annadel State Park

Duration Product Used:   3 weeks

Price Paid:    $450.00

Purchased At:   Ebay

Similar Products Used:   Shimano, Specialized mtb comp, Giro privateer

Bike Setup:   2012 Epic, Sette Reken.

Reviews 1 - 4 (4 Reviews Total)

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