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You may be stuck in an econo-box, over loaded, stuffy shuttlea"but at least youave got a fresh pair of Fox Default Shoes ready to let loose on the trail. The only things you need to worry about are the artificial-cheese-flavored corn puffs and cheap beers your stupid bros were shoving into their guts last night a they just donat learn. A night of preparation by BS-ing around a camp fire till the wee hours with excessive consumption of garbage food and booze is not the best approach to an epic ri

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83mm threaded shimano BB options - default Zee seized completely after 2 trips

So my new Zee crankset seized up after 2 rainy trip to Snowshoe WV. Non-drive side BB cup is seized and I cannot get it functioning properly again. I would like to buy a non-shimano made BB to replace it, since my faith in those bottom brackets being able to survive Snowshoe for more than 15 m ... Read More »

Default Flying with 29" MTB and hydraulic disc brakes

Hey Guys - I wonder what people do who fly with bigger 29" wheel mountain bikes with hydraulic disc brakes. What special packing considerations are you taking? Are you removing rotors? Brake spacers? What kind of bike boxes? I always fly with mechanical bike stuff - this is a first with a big-wheel ... Read More »

Default MTBR All Mountain Bike Tests at Interbike Outdoor Demo

All Mountain Bike Tests at Interbike Outdoor Demo on MTBR, not super detailed but an interesting read Bikes 'tested' include Intense Carbine, Diamondback Mission Pro, Ibis Mojo HD, Rocky Mountain Slayer, Yeti SB66, Trek Slash, Cove G-Spot, Intense Tracer, Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon, Commencal Meta AM, ... Read More »

Default Who here is riding a 27.5" Bike?

Anyone have any quality time on a 27.5" Bike? Fully or Hardtail? Short or Long Travel? Not really looking for an MTBR type end all be all chest thump reply. Just real feedback. [IMG]http://*****************.info/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/11/38/buy.gif[/IMG]Read More »

default tires on hotrock 24"

Just posting to get this info locked down for others who might get a hotrock in the future. Took me a bit of searching to get the weight The current tires on my daughters hotrock are specialized nimbus wire bead 24" tires. So moving to small block 8's or 425g tires will save about 650g rotatio ... Read More »

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