Cannondale Fast Shoes

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Weight : 367 grams

Product Description

  • Sole is compatible with all SPD pedals
  • 3 Velcro strap closure
  • Regular Plus Last Fitting

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Life moves pretty fast...

... if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. [ATTACH=CONFIG]932756[/ATTACH] From Sunday, at Blackrock Mountain Bike Area, Oregon. [ATTACH=CONFIG]932757[/ATTACH] The sun came out for me as I approached the basic training area. Oh, and the dirt was perfect. My ... Read More »

Sport growing fast?

It might just be me, since I'm "new" to the sport, and new to this forum, but it sure seems like there are a lot of new riders. It seems like there are a couple more everyday posting in the Beginners Forum and the Newbie pages, and they are usually not just new to the site, but new to MTBs in gener ... Read More »

Gooseberry Mesa: Any fast/flowy sections?

I will be in Zion in a couple weeks and I'm also planning on riding Gooseberry as well. I'm taking advantage of the opportunity to rent a bike that is on my short list of possible future bikes. I understand GM has a lot of slow/technical sections and I do want to ride that, but I would also like t ... Read More »

Need Help Fast - Austin Bike Shop Open Early

i was supposed to make an early trip to RPR on friday but i had a mechanical today. my thomson dropper post cable ripped and the 1.5mm allen screw needs to be replaced as well does anyone know a shop that would have these parts, or sells a thomson seatpost and is open early? i really don't want t ... Read More »

Am I going too fast?

Trail riding is my new favorite thing, and i'm gaining skills and experience with every ride now. I've taken some spills on a bike in my life, but nothing too serious, and always at slower speeds. I enjoy many things about mtn biking, but I definitely love the rush of high speed downhill riuns (not ... Read More »

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