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looking for tough shoes to ride platforms on

hi all, im a platform pedal guy who rides through some rough, and sometimes wet terrain, and i always seem to rip through my shoes pretty quickly. mainly, ill tear though the front of my shoe where my pinky toes contact the inside of the shoe, and at the ball of my foot. i ride BMX and skate sho ... Read More »

How do Five Ten shoes fit?

When I buy shoes, my size is 10, 10.5, or 11, depending on the shoe. For common reference here, my size is 11 in Nike running shoes, but a 10 in something like Sperrys. I want to get a pair of Five Ten MTB shoes online, but I am not sure how they'll fit--do they typically run big (10 is good for m ... Read More »

Flat shoes for long rides and HAB?

Hi all, I've been riding clipless for over 4 years and have almost completely stopped riding bikes with flat pedals. I went to Yosemite last week and was on a bike (using flats) for much of the trip and felt like it was my first time on a bike - not someone who has been riding hard for 4 years. A ... Read More »

Stiff shoes that work for hike a bike?

I'm looking for a good pair of shoes that are fairly light and stiff but can still handle a couple mile hike a bike? Anyone have a good recommendation.Read More »

What crank for BFLs on Clown Shoes

I have a Carver O'Beast with BFLs and Clown Shoes. My MWOD is in serious need of help. I am looking to replace it with something lighter. Any recomendations that will give me full use of all the gears with a double up front. I don't like the Surly OD due to the 1990 era bolt pattern.Read More »

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