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Titec Alas Jersey

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Titec Alas Technical T-Shirt blends modern style with cutting-edge fabric technology. DRAINO technical fabric has the feel and look of cotton but with moisture wicking properties to keep you dry and comfortable.

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And alas, another noob wondering about a CL deal.

Hey guys, So a few days ago a buddy of mine got me to go to some DH/FR trails at a local ski resort. Im hooked, in the last week ive been every day, Im now beginning to see the limits of my bike, as it stands i am using my dads old Barracuda FS bike and after a pretty decent crash i had i've ... Read More »

Alas Fr onto SS2 - Help

Hi there (Should say Atlas!), Tried fitting this tonight. Have one drive side spacer on the bb (had to get a hope bb as the RF one could not be fitted by me or my LBS). Looks like I am going to need the white 1mm spacers either side (drive and non-drive) and even then it is going to be tight for th ... Read More »

Alas, sram x-9 shifters reputation precedes its self

Ok, I have a serious question on this apparently infamous subject. Now before the flaming and link posting begins let me prove that I’ve done my research… X9 Trigger issues after cable change [url]http://forums.mtbr.com/showthread.php?t=431455[/url] X9 trigger problems [url]http://forums. ... Read More »

Alas...knee pain forces departure from SSing

Well...as much as I absolutely love singlespeeding, I must move back to gears. The knee - need I say anymore? This is just a shout-out to say bye to the board. After the 26" Unit sells (and by the way here it is) I'll be putting together a geared 29er. Fun. [url]http://classifieds.mtbr.co ... Read More »

Alas......it is born

My new ride [ATTACH]254509[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]254513[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]254514[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]254516[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]254510[/ATTACH]Read More »

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