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Intense aerobic activity during the winter presents a uniqueset of problems for athletic clothing companies. Wind, rain, snow, and cold areattacking from outside while the body is producing heat and water vapor formwithin. The body is stuck trying to regulate its temperature from within whileall this is going on. The trick is to let the moisture out while keeping theheat in while preventing moisture or cold from penetrating. Sugoi thinks it hasthe answer with the RS Zero Jacket. The big story here is Sugoi?s exclusive Firewall 260 fabric.Sugoi has come up with a real Jack-of-all-trades fabric for the chilly-weatheraerobic-activity crowd. While it isn?t Sugoi?s heaviest stretch fabric, it staysdry and comfortable, even in cold weather, when training intensity reallycranks up. There are three tests for a cold weather aerobic shell:breathability, mobility, and moisture management. Firewall passes all threetests with flying colors. Sugoi?s SubZero DWR (Durable Water Repellant) shrugsoff light precipitation but leaves Firewall extremely breathable. Strategicallyplaced FinoMesh 2.0 panels add even more breathability and allow air to flowthrough the jacket to eliminate clamminess and help your body regulatetemperature. The four-way mechanical stretch won?t limit your range of motion,so you won?t feel any of the binding that plagues non-stretch shells. Firewallalso wicks moisture away from your skin, so you stay dry and comfortable, evenon the climb. Sugoi?s designers gave the RS Zero Jacket a slim fit. Theycall it ProFit. This slim fit maximizes the jacket?s ability to aid inregulating body temperature and managing moisture but, because of its highlevel of stretch, won?t hamper movement. The two angled back pockets aretrimmed with a reflective material that makes you more visible to drivers atnight. The microfleece-lined collar even sports a center front flap to reduceirritation with a magnet for easy access. Sugoi also included a center back zippocket to take care of your keys and wallet. Signature gripper elastic acrossthe back hem keeps the jacket from riding up your back while you pedal. The Sugoi RS Zero Jacket is available in sizes S-XXL and inthree colors: White with Gunmetal trim, Gunmetal, and Black with Gunmetal trim.

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